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Iliza Shlesinger Gently Scolds Cancel Culture … to Attack Trump

The liberal comic's insincere take follows in the grand Jimmy Kimmel tradition

Ricky Gervais isn’t alone anymore.

This week another stand-up comedian decided enough is enough when it comes to Cancel Culture. Only this comic sounded a tad insincere.

Iliza Shlesinger, star of several Netflix comedy specials along with a self-titled sketch series on the platform, took her turn guest hosting on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Monday.

Iliza: Unveiled | Official Trailer | Netflix

Shlesinger used the opportunity to do something Kimmel himself rarely does on the show – speak out against Cancel Culture. Only the comedienne’s attempt to defang the woke mob came with a caveat.

More than one, actually. And anyone familiar with Kimmel’s hard-left monologues or Shlesinger’s progressive shtick may see it coming.

The comic gives us a quick history of online commentary during her monologue, complete with yuk-yuk lines and self deprecation. Plus, she slams astronaut Neil Armstrong’s iconic “one small step for man” line for not including “women.”

To be fair, he didn’t mention LGBTQ souls, either. Let the cancellation commence!

Iliza Shlesinger’s Guest Host Monologue on Jimmy Kimmel Live

She finally gets to the heart of the matter.

“But here’s what I’ll say to the Internet. Internet, people should be allowed to evolve and not have their career ended by something they drunkenly tweeted in an uberx after a Fallout Boy concert in 2015. Hypothetically.”

So far, so good, and she actually made a semi-funny a joke in the process. No clapter here!

Just wait.

“And look, there are people who actually want to hurt others and have a pattern of saying horrible things and using a social platform to spread hate. So, yeah, roast those people over the open flames of social judgment. Roast them, roast them right out of the Oval Office.”

You see, she turned a tepid attack on Cancel Culture into a real assault on Orange Man Bad!

It gets worse.

She begs the woke mob to stop punishing people if they’ve evolved from their past, Neanderthal-like takes. What does that mean? Well, she gives a quick clue.

“We need to chill with canceling everyone because soon … there will be no one. I think we should support people who change their opinion for the right reasons. It means they cared enough to read a book, or to talk to a person who’s different from them, and they’re trying to do better. But like, low key, if you used to think Climate Change wasn’t real and now you do, I still don’t wanna hang out with you.”

It’s funny because she’s intolerant!

In short, Shlesinger had no bone to pick with Cancel Culture until it started zeroing in on fellow liberals … like Jimmy Kimmel.

Maybe even woke female comics, for that matter.

Gervais remains the loudest, most sincere voice fighting Cancel Culture. Shlesinger just wants to redirect the pitchfork-wielding mob to the folks next door.

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