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Hollywood Running Out of Hope for Change in Obama’s 2nd Term

The Hollywood Reporter’s Election Day headline says part of the story: “Hollywood Super PAC Fundraising Tanks in Midterm Election.” The article details how the industry failed to funnel money to the Democrats’ key PACs during a midterm election that could dictate the leverage Obama has in his final two years in office.

The other breaking news is far more telling.

Former Obama speechwriter “Jon Lovett will create a new Showtime series depicting “the breakdown of the nation’s political system,” according to

“Anthem” is described as starting on an Election Day that ends with the country on the brink a civil war, amid the collapse of political institutions and partisan battles.


That storyline doesn’t work unless it reflects reality in some way. The politician who vowed to heal the partisan divide failed, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Obama never had a track record of political reconciliation. That was just part of a campaign platform the mainstream press accepted at face value.

Once in office, Obama opted to taunt, not heal. He lashed out repeatedly at Fox News, a channel often critical of his administration. He repeatedly blamed current woes on his Republican predecessor rather than gracefully tackle the problems head on.

Obama taunted the GOP during the government shutdown, declaring the party should try winning an election to get its way.

The president may regret that taunt in the next 24 hours.

In short, Obama did little to heal the partisan divide as promised. Instead, he repeatedly stoked it with his rhetoric and actions. Now, he faces both the possibility of a GOP Senate and House and a new TV show reminding the country of his failure to heal.

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