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Is Hollywood (Finally) Coming to Its Senses?

Dwayne Johnson quits Biden, Disney's Iger says woke critics have a point

Conservatives have little patience for modern Hollywood.

They pine for the days of John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart, and they’ve had enough of Tinsel Town circa 2024.

  • The progressive messaging
  • The woke storytelling
  • The forced diversity at all costs

The industry, in return, seemed disinterested in their opinions. Hollywood all but ignores “flyover country” in its product.

Heaven help you if you wanted to work in the industry while harboring conservative views. The Blacklist 2.0 is real.

We’re starting to see signs that Hollywood is coming to its senses, and that’s good news for both conservatives and fair-minded consumers.

This week alone featured three such examples.

Dwayne Johnson, one of the world’s most popular movie stars, gave a stunning interview to Fox News. Johnson, 51, told host Will Cain that he regretted endorsing Joe Biden during the 2020 presidential campaign.

And he won’t make the same mistake twice.Dwayne Johnson on Biden

“My goal is to bring this country together…I will keep my politics to myself. It is between me and the ballot box. Like a lot of us out there, not trusting of all politicians, I do trust the American people and whoever they vote for that is my president and who I will support 100 percent.”

Johnson added he’s dissatisfied with the country at the moment but sees a brighter future ahead.

Why the change of heart?

The actor’s 2022 superhero romp “Black Adam” dramatically under-performed, for starters. It’s no time to alienate consumers who might support your future films.

Another Biden endorsement would do just that.

Plus, as Jack Posobiec noted on X, the former WWE great has a new project under way that needs both liberal and conservative viewers to survive.


It’s still a remarkable admission for a star of Johnson’s magnitude. That’s especially during an Election Year when actors are expected to support President Biden at all costs.

And then there’s Ron Swanson.

Actor Nick Offerman played that lovable Libertarian on “Parks and Recreation.” Now, he’s co-starring as the President in “Civil War,” a movie fraught with political baggage. The dystopian thriller, out April 12, features a United States at war with itself.

Civil War | Official Trailer 2 HD | A24

Offerman discussed the film with a Hollywood Reporter journalist, and he shared this nugget about the film’s apolitical nature. Not only did the star dismiss conjecture that his fascist politician was a Donald Trump stand-in, he summoned the Johnny Carson Model.

Don’t alienate a large portion of the American public.

Nick Offerman On Playing The President In Alex Garland's 'Civil War' & How Film Transcends Politics

“It would be so easy to make this movie and lay in some [political] Easter eggs … you would lose half your audience, one wya or the other. Instead, this is like a great novel. It’s for everybody.”

How often do stars stake that position in the modern era? Very, very rarely.

And then there’s Disney CEO Bob Iger.

The Hollywood veteran survived a challenge to his authority this week, but it obviously left him rattled. Here, he reiterates a message he began embracing late last year when he vowed to “quiet the noise” on the Culture Wars raging around Disney.

Most of those issues were self-inflicted, of course.

“[W]e know our job is not to advance any kind of agenda. So as long as I’m on the job, I’m going to continue to be guided by a sense of decency and respect, and we will always trust our instincts.”

Iger told CNBC Disney’s many critics might have a point.

But Iger did seem to acknowledge that critiques of Disney’s content as being “woke” may have a certain degree of merit, though he added, “the term woke is thrown around rather liberally, no pun intended in that regard. I think a lot of people don’t even understand really what it means.

Three prominent Hollywood players. Three public positions that they’d never take just a few short years ago. Could it be tied to streaming platforms hemorrhaging cash? Or box office figures that still can’t measure up to pre-pandemic figures?

Or a Biden economy that has the industry scrambling to make ends meet? Or the fact that the dueling strikes of 2023 left Hollywood permanently damaged?

No matter the reason, these signs of sanity are more than welcome.


  1. “Coming to it’s senses”?
    I wouldn’t bet a nickel on that one…we would all be better off if Hollyweird slid quietly into the sea and took every last deviant in that hellhole along with it.

  2. Ever since bob Iger fired his successor Bob Chapek (Note, Iger never left his office during the time of his “successor’s” short reign. #FallGuyChapek )

    Iger’s talked about “Quieting the political noise” What a crock. he’s been spitting out that line every year at every shareholder’s meeting, as if he actually meant the words.

    the problem is that Iger makes political decisions that he doesn’t recognize as political, so he is physically unable to stop being woke.
    Also, Disney is stocked with talentless woke ideologues from the boardroom to the basement. So unless they are planning on replacing every creative in the company their problems have become systemic.

    so If I had any Disney stock, I’d sell that while you can get what you can get, because if the eventual fire sale hits, the last man holding the bag gets an empty bag while Iger (the under-qualified weatherman (whose sole skill appears to be the ability to grift on low-information-shareholders) rides his golden parachute to safety.

    Iger’s strategy of “Buy successful IPs and let them make money” cannot continue now that Disney has run out of money to buy healthy IPs, and they clearly lack the ability to write enjoyable stories. All that they have is “The Message” and their message got boring in 2016.

    1. Well said. And Iger can say he’s ‘quieting the noise’ all he wants … and then we see reports that the Fantastic Four reboot is gender-swapping Silver Surfer. Words. Actions. Two very different things.

  3. Hollywood is a cult and cult members cannot and will not deviate from the proverbial Kool Aid bucket.

    They put all their eggs in the “cultural change thru propaganda and mass hypnosis” basket and it didn’t work.

    Since they don’t know what else to do it’s Jamestown, kids!

    Most entertaining thing they will produce this century will be for us to sit back and watch the collapse of Tinsel town.


  4. John Wayne was a notorious racist pos. Not surprising people worried about the race of CARTOONS would “pine” for him.

    1. What he said was truth, hard truth that people, primarily on the race hustling left, refuse to admit. Truths like this, if adhered to, my have made the current situation in black America far better than it is. Contrarily, they listened to people like the truly racist LBJ, who through his Great Society, destroyed black communities across this nation, something we have to deal with to this day!

      “With a lot of blacks, there’s quite a bit of resentment along with their dissent, and possibly rightfully so. But we can’t all of a sudden get down on our knees and turn everything over to the leadership of the blacks. I believe in white supremacy until the blacks are educated to a point of responsibility. I don’t believe in giving authority and positions of leadership and judgment to irresponsible people.”
      — John Wayne

  5. I see the stock price dropping soon. 30% of the voters agreed with Nelson Peltz , but it was up to Vanguard, BlackRock, and State Street, the Big Three were pushing “diversity and inclusion”.
    Disney CEO Promises To Make Child Grooming Less Obvious

  6. I’m skeptical Hollywood is going to change anytime soon. The irony is that wokism is destroying itself. Hollywood has had a decades-long tendency for woke messaging (Tootsie and Victor Victoria and Bosom Buddies in the 80s, Mrs.Doubtfire in the 90s all legitimized cross-dressing, the incredible push for gay acceptance in 90s (Will &Grace, etc), the tired trope of every US military veteran being homicidal maniac due to PTSD (First Blood), the fact that the US is evil due slavery and racism (Roots, Glory, Mississippi Burning, etc), and on and on and on. Not to mention the astounding lack of stories depicting the horrors of Stalin and Mao’s Communism. However, the writers who were indoctrinated by the Leftist hate-America messaging of the 80s and 90s still had to be good enough to make it in a merit-based system. On the other hand, modern-day writers seem to still be focused on Leftist messaging but (perhaps because they are diversity hires) have no skill to be effective at incorporating the message into a watchable product. Most of the drivel spewed out by modern Hollywood is just as unwatchable as the heavy-handed Christian stuff was from the 90s. Just my 2 cents.

      1. If you would have taken the effort to factually rebut Thomas’ comment, maybe, just maybe someday real people will take you seriously.

        Until then,

  7. So, if the Dems manage to steal the election again, he will support Biden? This guy is an idiot. Afraid to reveal his values lest he get criticized by either party.

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