HiT DVD Review: ‘Mr. Bean: The Whole Bean’

In fact, if more critics admitted that something wasn’t in their wheelhouse instead of writing their word as if it were the thought to end all discussion on a film then online criticism would be in a better place. Instead of the endless naïve reposting of misinformation and the bitter negativity there’d be fresh and lively discussions about art.

“Mr. Bean” is a pseudo sketch show starring Rowan Atkinson as Bean. He’s a …well, I don’t know …alien? Idiot? Anyway, he goes from one situation to the next where he makes people uncomfortable, shows off his lack of common sense and his disregard for societal norms.

Maybe that’s the point. Perhaps the show (which was turned into two movies) is supposed to poke fun at society’s stiffness. Even if that is the case then one cold hard truth can’t be ignored: it’s not very funny.

MR. BEAN: THE WHOLE BEAN 25th Anniversary Collection – clip from Merry Christmas Mr. Bean

Here’s one small scene as an example: Bean parks his car, knocking over a sign (laugh-track goes off), he locks his car with a padlock (more laughing) and then he throws the key into an open window and closes the window (final, uproarious laughter).

Was there a time when this was funny?

Despite my lack of interest (and laughs) there is no denying that Bean and Atkinson have their audience, and it’s quite big. Maybe it’s kids, maybe it’s Brits, I don’t know. All I know is that I’m definitely not one of them, and I can’t imagine most people of today would be, either. Comedy fans today are used to material from the likes of Judd Apatow or “Key and Peele.” This slapstick humor certainly has its place but it never has evolved much, has it?

For those “Bean” fans out there, the new “Mr. Bean: The Whole Bean” collection is well worth a buy. Available now, it’s a remastered edition of the 14 episodes of the original television show. It also contains meaty content for fans like missing scenes and never before seen on television sketches.

I may not be a fan or know who the fan base is, but they are out there and this 25th Anniversary Set seems like a good way to celebrate the show and wacky character.

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