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Cowardly Comic Calls Conservatives Nazis, Then Hides

Greg Proops proudly played the Nazi card against some popular conservative figures on Twitter.

David Burge. Ben Shapiro. Matt Walsh. Guy Benson. Jonah Goldberg.

And why not?

No comedian, or entertainer, for that matter, will suffer the slightest by labeling a right-of-center soul as a Hitler devotee. Even if they lack a single shred of evidence to back up the hateful claim.

Comedians like Sarah Silverman and the recently disgraced Louis C.K. compared GOP candidate Donald Trump to Hitler during the 2016 presidential election cycle. Nothing happened to them.

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Nor will U2 suffer by featuring white supremacists marching on President Trump’s White House in their latest music video.

So Proops, who spend the weekend Tweeting support for the liberal Women’s March, felt empowered enough to link those gentleman to Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels. One of those targeted by Proops, Rubin, fought back:

Dave Rubin isn’t a conventional conservative. Not at all. The host of The Rubin Report is a classic liberal who has repeatedly sided with conservatives over the past few month. Why? Conservatives are on the fore front of the free speech battle, and Rubin’s fellow liberals are either sitting the battle out or actively working against the First Amendment.

So what happened next?

Proops played the Coward Card.

Here’s betting Rubin’s offer is still on the table. A sure bet? Proops won’t take it.

BONUS: Here’s Rubin’s great video called “The Left Is No Longer Liberal:”

The Left is No Longer Liberal | DIRECT MESSAGE | Rubin Report

Photo by Gage Skidmore on / CC BY-SA

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    1. RE: Well….

      “What it amounts to is I just don’t have time for those kinds of people.” — Kehvan

      …you should take the time to deal with them. If only to attempt to ‘knock some sense into them’. On the other hand, it helps others to recognize them for what they are. On the third hand, it sharpens your wit, if you do it rightly, improving your ability to deal with others of that ilk.

      Not to say you should spend too much time on such. But don’t completely ignore them, as in blocking….

  1. They block you because there’s a danger you will destroy the fantasy narrative they are living in.

    For instance yesterday I asked a Leftist for a list of names of minorities Trump sent to the concentration camps during his first year. Blocked. Lol.

  2. Has anyone ever bothered to put together a real definition of a “classical liberal” from simple Internet searches?

    I’ve attempted to and I believe modern mainstream conservativism is far far closer to classical liberalism than just about anyone claiming to be a (post-modern) liberal.

    It’s my understanding that “classical liberals” believed private property rights are virtually sacrosanct, believed in very limited government, believed a constitutional republic, not “classical democracy” was probably the safest form of government because a constitution should be viewed as an ironclad covenant between federal government and its citizenry, believed that our rights and liberties were bequeathed by the Creator and not by the State, believed there were fundamental rights like the right to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of private industry, believed in a laissez-faire free market system with as few government regulations (and entanglements) as possible in keeping with the basic concept of “economic freedoms”, believed wars should only be fought to protect the homeland from foreign invasions or existential threats to the security of its People, rule of law, etc..

    These are all principles modern American conservatives believe in … not so post-modern liberals. Of course there’s no one definition of “classical liberalism” just as there are probably 20 different definitions for “socialism.”

    1. A “classical liberal” is a small government conservative. Classical liberals can sometimes be seen as “libertarians with morals”. Classical liberals believe that anything gov’t does should be done at the lowest level of gov’t possible, a notion that doesn’t sit well with Big Gov’t Conservatives, and there are such folks.

  3. Proops even appeared on Red Eye so this is pretty sad. He’s talented but so are many, many others. Without TDS and childish lefty hate.

  4. To repeat. .. What’s the difference between Jumbo Shrimp and Liberal Tolerance? While they are both oxymorons, Jumbo Shrimp exists.

  5. RE: Blockers

    I love being ‘blocked’.

    On the one hand, it shows that the blocker has no valid, cogent arguments to refute what I’m saying and has to not allow my comments to appear before him.

    On the other hand, it allows me to mock them openly to the rest of the world behind their back.

    On the third hand, it shows them to be the gutless, spineless, witless cretins that they are….crawling back into their echo-chamber holes.

      1. Chuck’s right. When a liberal insults you, he’s conceded the debate but when he blocks you he’s saying that he doesn’t think there’s any way he’ll ever win any future debates with you either. It’s as strong a signal of total surrender as any liberal can send. ^_^

    1. I, on the other hand, love to block people who are trolls, idiots, verbally abusive, or capable only of speaking in bumper sticker terms.

      Rubin was none of those things.

      1. RE: Blockers — Revisited

        I’m not saying Rubin is a Prog. I’m saying Prooper is a Prog.

        Those who block me tend to be Progs.

        And I don’t block anyone. Not even spammers. If it’s appropriate, I mock the heck out of them. And I flag the hades out of the latter, counseling everyone else to flag them as well.

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    2. “On the one hand, it shows that the blocker has no valid, cogent arguments to refute”

      Well, that’s not always true. I’ve blocked people for calling me names.

  6. Proops has always been a hateful conservative-basher, going back to his appearances on Whose Line Is It Anyway back in the ’90s. That’s probably one reason why his “comedy” career hasn’t advanced much since then. People who radiate bitterness are not funny unless they’re named George Carlin.

    1. Actually I think the main reason his career stagnated is because he’s not funny, and that’s supposed to be what he does.

    2. When liberalism was ascendent a decade ago, during the rise of Obama and the Democrats’ takeover of Congress, Proops was a lot more comfortable dealing with conservatives, when he would go on ‘Red Eye’ with Greg Gutfeld on Fox overnights. Now? Not so much (Proops and Amy Schumer are the two former semi-regulars on Gutfeld’s show that have totally gone off the deep end since the Dems started losing power, as voters turned against their ideology).

      1. We used to watch Red Eye all the time, and Any Schumer was one of our favorite guests. At that same time, we saw her stand-up act, which was VERY un – PC and very dirty.

        She stayed apolitical until (a) she was attacked in the WaPo for making jokes about setbacks and (b) when she grew popular. She started hanging with Hollywood liberals and, to deflect charges of being “insensitive” , took up the moonbat cause.

    3. Liberal or “progressive” comedians have always used “humor” as a fig leaf for their deep-seated hatreds, insecurities and psychosis. That’s why a lot of liberal “humor” is so mean-spirited. Of course liberal audiences provide the echo chamber feed back dynamic which further reinforces their kind of obnoxious “comedy” which culminates in crap like Kathy Griffith role playing a Muslim jihadist holding a replica of President Trump’s severed head. Oh, that “joke” resulted in gales of laughter vomited from the empty heads of leftards steeped in their own pathological hatreds!

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