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FLASHBACK: Hunter Biden Tells Kimmel Laptop is ‘Red Herring’

Disgraced First Son now admits it's his laptop after all, despite previous spin

Hunter Biden is the greatest gift to late-night comedians since a certain real estate mogul ran for the White House.

Except Team Late Night keeps stamping, “Return to Sender” on the package.

Imagine a First Son with the tawdry track record Hunter Biden has. The jokes write themselves. At least on paper, they do.

Good thing the First Son’s Pappy is a Democrat. It shields him from mockery. That’s true with late-night comedians not named “Greg” or “Gutfeld” as well as “Saturday Night Live.”

Gutfeld: Hunter's search history will make you want to bleach your eyes

They’d rather mock the same GOP figures week in, week out, than notice young Biden has been a horrible human being who, for now, appears to be in recovery.

Good for him.

This week, Hunter Biden admitted what every sane soul knows. Yes, the laptop reported on by The New York Post in 2020 and hidden by Big Tech is his. That’s despite most mainstream media outlets denying that truth and a crooked band of 51 intelligence officials dubbing it “Russian propaganda” without proof to back it up.

The truth is out, although the First Son’s legal team is still playing cutesy with the facts.

This leads us back to one late-night comic who invited Hunter Biden on his show in 2021. The far-Left Jimmy Kimmel let Biden promote his memoir, “Beautiful Things,” via his ABC platform.

That exchange, brimming with softball queries, deserves a second look.

Kimmel asks him about the infamous “laptop from Hell,” and here’s Biden’s response.

“Now look, I really don’t know and the fact of the matter is, it’s a red herring. It is absolutely a red herring. But I am absolutely, I think, within my rights to question anything that comes from the desk of Rudy Giuliani. And so, ‘I don’t know’ is the answer.”

Now, he knows, but it won’t matter to Team Late Night. The only way they’ll touch on the story is if they take a page from Biden’s legal team.

It’s all Rudy Giuliani’s fault.


  1. We will be kept occupied with story after story trickling down until the grande finale: Hunter was a victim of childhood sa… By Dad?

  2. This is just another lie by the Poor Loser Party. How much stuff did you put on the alleged laptop?
    You guys are the party of Liars.

    1. “Trump colluded with Russia”

      “Hands up, don’t shoot”

      “Skittles and iced tea”

      “Black cops killing a black man is white supremacy”

      “Hunter’s laptop is Russian disinformation”

      Maybe you should take into consideration all the blatant lies and domestic disinformation campaigns you have so heavily invested in before accusing others of believing lies.

      So, now the conspiracy theory is now that Hunter’s laptop isn’t Russian disinformation, it’s real but now the information contained in it is planted? By who? Let me guess, Matt Gaetz?

      It’s amazing how detached from reality leftists have become after taking in nothing but propaganda from their social media echo chamber for over a decade now.

      1. Amen to that! & They don’t even see that’s what they’re doing? Because they live in a bubble of lies, so if it’s not in their bubble it’s not true. They really are to what’s really going on in the US& the

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