‘Who You Gonna Call?’ EconPop Tackles ‘Ghostbusters’

Ghostbusters” returns to theaters for its 30th anniversary today, and the folks at EconPop won’t let a reissue go to waste.

EconPop host Andrew Heaton describes how the classic comedy does more than serve up vintage Bill Murray. It’s a lesson in basic economic principles … slathered in ectoplasm, of course. The Ghostbusters see a need, meet it and get rich in the process. They also save the world.

If you’ve never seen previous EconPop installments, feel free to visit their back catalog. They’re funny, pointed and more informative than a week’s worth of any nightly newscast.

For now, let’s celebrate “Ghostbusters” anew with this capitalist-tinged tribute. Or, at the very least, recall this line from Dr. Stantz:

“I’ve worked in the private sector. They expect results,” he says.

EconPop - The Economics of Ghostbusters

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