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Deadline: Only Gavin Newsom Can Save Hollywood!

Far-left site begs California governor to step in (there's only one problem)

It doesn’t take Columbo to spot the editorial bias at

The outlet is a reliably liberal news organ, much like The Wrap, Variety and The Hollywood Reporter. And, of course, the mainstream media in general.

(This site is right-leaning, but we’re open and transparent about it. Plus, HiT’s editorial coverage serves as a counter-balance to the Hollywood media’s relentless bias.)

Still, Deadline’s latest strike-related story is one of the ages.

Deadline suggests that California Gov. Gavin Newsom might be Hollywood’s savior in the ongoing strike saga. The Writers Guild struck May 2 and actors followed suit earlier this month.

Gavin Newsom Could Help End Hollywood Strikes — But Not Yet

“He’s the obvious choice to bring the parties together and bring down the temperature,” a political and industry insider says of the nimble and notoriously patient politician [emphasis added]. “Getting a deal will be a test of his Jenga skills, but that’s where Newsom likes to surprise people.”

Newsom is such an effective governor the state demanded a recall election in 2021. Newsom emerged victorious, but it hardly bodes well for a future that includes both Democrat and GOP voters.


Nor does a cursory glance at his state suggest he has the skills to get much, if anything, done. He hasn’t made a dent in the homeless problem, for example.

Even the far-Left CNN described the state’s problem in that arena is only getting worse.

California has spent a stunning $17.5 billion trying to combat homelessness over just four years. But, in the same time frame, from 2018 to 2022, the state’s homeless population actually grew. Half of all Americans living outside on the streets, federal data shows, live in California.

Across the country, homelessness is on the rise. But California is adding more homeless people every year than any other state. More than 170,000 unhoused people now live here.

That’s just one issue.

Team Newsom locked down his state longer and harder than most during the pandemic. That helped crush personal liberties along with businesses across the west coast. The one-two punch chased many longtime Californians away. It wasn’t just high-profile names like Dave Rubin and Joe Rogan fleeing the Golden State.

More than half a million people left California during a two-year span under Newsom’s watch. Those who haven’t left may do so soon.

Nearly half of California residents are considering leaving the state, a poll finds. Many cite the cost of living as the main reason why.

Crime is top of mind for many residents, and the news there is equally grim.

The 2022 report revealed that the state’s violent crime rate increased by 6.1% since 2021, and property crime was up 6.2%. Homicides dipped very slightly, but robberies jumped by 10.2%.

Newson is an abject failure on so many key levels it’s hard to prioritize which is worst. To Deadline, he’s the nimble, assured politician who can solve one of the biggest impasses in Hollywood history.

There’s media bias, and there’s delusion.

Newsom may still be called upon as a political symbol to solve the crisis. If he’s involved in any way with a resolution, it’ll be based on collective exhaustion and an eagerness to get back to work more than any nimble Newsom moves.


  1. Deadline must be pandering the hope he’ll take Biden’s place in the White House. Newsom is Biden incarnate, but with all his faculties intact. Even their accomplishments are the same. Half of California want to secede under Newsome, just like half of America (it’s really more) are disillusioned by the state of our country. They’re appalled at the level and extent of all the corruption on all levels, in every sector and that we really have no defense. Our organizations created to serve, protect, and defend Americans are now surveilling, targeting, and collecting data in which to use to control them. The push for globalism and communism under ESG mandated DEI has infected this country and there is no way this will end well. But, even the result is what they want. Inevitable war will decrease the surplus population. It’s a win-win for left leaders and a sham for the rest of us, on either side. Communism eliminates the middle-class, but the middle class are the ones who pay taxes. The rich don’t, the poor can’t, so only the middle class pays. When you eliminate the consumer, the whole system will implode. Yeah, globalists don’t need more citizens, they want our land, but for their citizens.

  2. One thing that needs to be made clear is that Newsom only survived the recall thanks to Larry Elder. In his attention-seeking, he allowed Newsom to change the focus of the recall from his record and performance, to a social justice focus. Elder was never a serious candidate, but he’s who the media focused on and no real candidate that could shine a light on Newsom’s failed policies could get coverage. So Newsom being in power is strictly thanks to Larry Elder.

    1. Newsom won because the Unions backed him. That’s the main reason California remains a Leftist state. Newsom won’t solve the problem because both the Unions and movie studios are his constituents. He has a conflict of interest from both of them. Unions and Corporations can both win when they destroy each other.

    2. The reason I think Gruesome Newsom survived the recall is he made it more about a candidate(Larry Elder) and less about being tossed out of or kept in office.

  3. This is a good time for other states to boost their entertainment ventures. Support non-union productions will give the poor actors/writers another place to work. This might just drive a lot of business elsewhere.

  4. Gruesome Newsom?! He’s a MAJOR reason California has lost its luster when it comes to TV and movie(the latter especially) production.

  5. The thing that the writers and actors don’t seem to get, is their role in how little anyone actually cares about the strike. They were some of the most vocal people about locking down and shutting everything down. They provided the blue print to show everyone that if Hollywood stops making anything, we’ll all be fine.

    The studios are well aware of this. They are going to wait the actors and writers out. 99% of the members of these unions are not rich and can’t afford to be out of work for very long. The big stars we see on the picket lines supposedly supporting the little guy have all the money in the world to wait, but the actual little guy doesn’t.

    What is funny to hear from these unions too is they want to share in the profits. Every union says the same thing. Well great. What about the losses? I can agree that if a show or movie is a big hit, then share the profits around with everyone who made it possible. What happens when something is a massive loss though? Do the people who worked on it have to give money back? Of course they won’t. They only want to share in success and never take part in any of the risk.

    I don’t see the incentive for the studios to give in at all to the unions. Newsome certainly isn’t going to be able to do anything to make that better, in negotiations at least. I suspect that as this drags on, the CA legislature will likely get involved and start to pressure studios to give the unions whatever they want.

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