The words Dana Carvey and "destroy" rarely go together these days.

“Destroyed” belongs to Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert and Samantha Bee, comedians who aggressively toe the liberal line. Mainstream media headline writers do the rest, recording how the trio “destroys” whatever right-leaning target they’ve hit that week.

Not Carvey.

He’s the likable bloke who does killer imitations that are neither gritty nor overtly progressive. His President George H.W. Bush impression killed, but it wasn’t mean spirited nor weaponized.

Yet his new Netflix special, “Dana Carvey, Straight White Male, 60,” features one of the more subversive bits in recent memory. Why?

Carvey shreds socialism in a way that shames his fellow comics.

A. He brings it up in the first place at a time when socialist Venezuela is imploding.

B. He treats it with the respect it deserves – none.

C. He dares mock the crown prince of U.S. socialism.

Here’s what Carvey said about Bernie Sanders’ favorite brand of government during the special, taped at The Wilbur Theatre in Boston:

“You gotta love Bernie .. he is what he is what he is what he is,” Carvey says, followed by a killer Sanders impression.

“I will find people with money. I will take their money and give it to people who don’t have money,” he says. “I will find a rich prick. You look like a rich prick. I will take your money and give it to the poor bastard sitting next to ya.”

“To me, capitalism is an Apple store. Socialism is the Department of Motor Vehicles … sweaty,  pissed off workers who can’t get fired. And they laugh at you … ha, ha, ha ha … you got the wrong line you f***ing idiot.”

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He wasn’t done smiting socialism.

“I personally like making money in a capitalist country and then going to a socialist country,” he says, describing Italy as one socialist-leaning Mecca worth his while.

Why not? It’s a great place to visit when you’re stuffed with capitalist cash. Yet its brand of politics prevent the country from reaching to the stars.

“Let’s be honest, we’re never going to have a space program,” he says, pretending to be your average Italian citizen.” Why go to the moon when you can sing to the moon?” he says. “Oh, my moon, we’re never going to go to you … because to go to you would be way too much work.”

Here’s some more of Carvey at work in “Dana Carvey: Straight White Male, 60.”