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Comedians Mourn Bob Saget – Hilarious, Sweet and Dear

The 'Full House' alum leaves a legacy of laughter, kindness to his community

Few comedians could do what Bob Saget accomplished during his comedy career.

He became a star making middle America howl with absurd home videos, earning a devoted flock of clean comedy fans in the process. Saget doubled down on that demographic by playing Danny Tanner on “Full House.”

Once again, Saget’s humor spoke to the masses, but he happily played second fiddle to a pair of precious tykes (rising stars Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen).

What did Saget do for an encore? He turned his comedy routine cobalt blue, showcasing a whole new side to his talents. There’s no better proof of that than his blistering performance in “The Aristocrats,” the documentary capturing the dirtiest joke of all time.

Bob Saget Reflects On His "Aristocrats" Joke

It’s no wonder comedians are mourning his loss at the age of 65. Here are some of the most poignant remembrances from those who knew him, and his work, the best.


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