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Colbert, Kimmel Make Hamas Terrorism All About … Trump

Late-night propagandists ignore Biden's silence on Americans held hostage

Late-night clowns refuse to lay a glove on President Joe Biden.

Not even a finger.

That was true before the strike, and it’s even more striking now given Biden’s horrible poll numbers and overall lethargy.

Hamas’ terrorist attacks over the weekend would surely change that, right?

Colbert and co. can’t joke about the torture, the rape, the mass killings at a musical festival aimed at peace, of course. What about President Biden’s complete absence of leadership in the days following the most horrific terrorist attacks of the past 20 years?

What about Biden opting to host a BBQ rather than make a public statement on behalf of America’s crucial ally, Israel?

What about Team Biden calling a lid at NOON on Monday, once again taking no questions regarding the attacks.

What about Secretary of State Antony Blinken sharing, and then deleting, a Tweet calling for a ceasefire in the hours after the monstrous attacks, as if Israel should simply take it?

What about Team Biden freeing $6 billion to Iran weeks before the savage attacks?

Oh, and Americans are among the dead and some may be being held as hostages, while Hamas promises to execute them on live television.

They couldn’t ignore all of that and attack Donald Trump, again, could they?


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Stephen Colbert of “The Late Show” fame mentioned it’s impossible to joke about the terrorist attacks, although he didn’t use the word “terrorism.” He then permitted himself to poke fun at politicians for how they reacted to the devastating attacks.

Which, of course, let to Trump.

Colbert cherry picked a tiny portion of a Trump speech made hours after the attacks in which he mentioned the fictional character Hannibal Lecter, alleging the actor who portrays the movie fiend is a fan.

That’s debatable.

That led to a lengthy bit where Colbert’s Trump trumpets how other movie villains love him, too.

Colbert also mentioned allegations that Trump shared nuclear secrets, a story already being debunked by CBS News.

Trump isn’t the president. Biden is. Our 80-year-old Commander in Chief is doing nothing while Americans are being killed and held hostage in a foreign land by terrorists.

Colbert also made no mention of Palestinian sympathizers protesting en masse in New York City, where “The Late Show” is recorded, praising the terrorist attacks.

Jimmy Kimmel wasn’t any better.

Trump Makes Horrifying Israel Attacks All About Himself

The “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host also broached the subject by calling Hamas a “terrorist organization.” He quickly segued to you know who.

“He immediately made it about himself,” Kimmel cracked, en route to a series of gags mocking both Trump and his supporters.

It’s like President Biden doesn’t exist in their world.

“The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” ignored the Hamas terrorists in his opening monologue, focusing on Taylor Swift and product recall news.

Truth to power. It doesn’t exist on late-night TV. Propaganda? Five days a week.

For some moral clarity, consider how “The Ruthless Variety Progrum” handled the news.

Israel Attacked And Biden Is Nowhere To Be Found


  1. What a disgrace the democrat communist that’s living in the White House is. And the late-night vermin that are part of the democrat communist machine will hopefully get so low of ratings they will eventually all be fired. I cannot believe leftist filth are trying to cover for this terrible terrorist attack.

  2. They’re incapable of learning. Ratings were already terrible because of this type of immature always leftist shtick, and they’re looking to get worse.

  3. They know what their audience wants to hear. The give the customers what they want. That’s why they call it show business. It’s a business.

  4. Late night isn’t Johnny Carson anymore, it’s evolved into a form of slick leftist activism. Watching Kimmel take his clown hat off and bawl like a baby on stage isn’t funny, but it’s emblematic of where late-night currently stands.

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