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Censorship Run Wild? Three Docs Attacked by Big Tech (UPDATED)

Steele's 'Killing America,' Epoch Times' 'Hollywood Takeover' feel the heat

It’s increasingly clear we’re not allowed to share select thoughts in public.

We saw that with Hunter Biden’s laptop and contrarian views about the pandemic. The Twitter Files exposed how both topics got censored beyond a reasonable doubt.

In each case, Big Tech made sure the truth couldn’t dent The Narrative.

Now, two separate film projects may be facing Big Tech censorship. And, once again, the mainstream media’s silence is telling.

Director Eli Steele recently released “Killing America.” The documentary explores the eerie connection between anti-semitism and DEI agendas in San Francisco schools.

The film got smacked around by three separate bodies, one of which will come as a shock to some. YouTube, Vimeo and Subtack, a newer platform dedicated to letting more voices be heard, all shut the film down due to “copyright violations.”

A portion of the film features footage taken during a Sequoia Union High School District board meeting, according to Fox News.

Steele received a “cease-and-desist letter” tied to the footage. He claims the video clip falls in the “fair use” category and that multiple lawyers he consulted agreed.

Either way, three separate platforms chose to take the video down. In the case of Substack, it deleted Steele’s links to the footage from its platform.

The film can still be seen on Rumble and X, the latter owned by Elon Musk.

The M-A Chronicle, which sent Steele the “cease and desist” letter, contends censorship isn’t the goal.

Our objective is not to censor the documentary but simply remove our materials,” the editorial board continued, it told Fox News.

At least Steele and his team learned why the film had been taken down. Big Tech censors often refuse to explain to creators why their material ran afoul of said platforms.

It’s not the only recent censorship-themed problem.

This reporter appears in the new documentary “Hollywood Takeover.” The Epoch Times feature is highly critical of how Hollywood bends to China’s will in order to release their titles into the Middle Kingdom.

The team behind the film tells HIT the movie’s trailer got deleted by YouTube on March 4. The video platform also removed the film’s YouTube account.

Newsweek reported on the matter, forcing the Google-owned property to reinstate both days later.

Media pressure previously coaxed Amazon to lift its block against Steele’s last film, “What Killed Michael Brown?”

The company behind “Hollywood Takeover,” which also oversees “China in Focus,” is no stranger to Big Tech censorship. NTD’s “China in Focus” ran afoul of YouTube previously, according to a Newsweek investigation.

A member of the “Hollywood Takeover” team said it will not post that film’s trailer on its “China in Focus” YouTube channel for fear of punitive strikes against it.

UPDATE: The Daily Caller’s recent documentary “Rigged” also felt Big Tech’s heat. The platform’s media representative tells HiT that Google blocked ads promoting the documentary.

RIGGED: Death of the American Voter | Official Trailer


Google cited its “Unreliable Claims” section of the company’s misrepresentation policy.

The veracity of the 2020 presidential election remains a divisive topic, likely leading to the film’s digital banishment.

Does Google apply the same standard to left-leaning documentaries with dubious claims? What about videos like this spreading obvious falsehoods like the Russia collusion hoax?

This Monologue Goes Out To You, Mr. President

It’s also worth noting that one cannot find the “Rigged” trailer on YouTube via its search engine. This reporter typed in a variety of search terms including “Daily Wire Rigged Trailer” and the clip did not appear.


  1. the welfare state allows/gives the fertile ground for the destruction of a civilized society

    those who CLAIM they care and want others to make sure their Claim is paid for by anyone but themselves is just the tip of the iceberg of the lefts hypocrisy

  2. The whole world is moving away from a democratic society. Corporations and globalists are working towards being in charge. They got the tech and the will to rewire society to run like an anthill.

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