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Listen: Bret Easton Ellis’ Epic Liberal Smackdown

It took a man who once trashed Donald Trump in print to deliver the lecture Hollywood so sorely needed.

Only Bret Easton Ellis, the author of “American Psycho,” didn’t just slap the entertainment industry around. He bludgeoned the modern liberal so hard even Rush Limbaugh might cry, “Stop the fight!”

The 35 minute rant at the start of Ellis’ latest podcast was wild, creative and sometimes exhausting. By the end, he had hit so many targets dead center you wanted to hear it all over again.

Ellis, who once used Trump to highlight his “American Psycho” protagonist’s oily manner, isn’t a rock-ribbed conservative. He didn’t vote for Trump, nor does he apologize for the president’s baser instincts. The author still refuses to accept progressive dogma at face value. It’s a recurring theme on his popular podcast.

Last year, Ellis excoriated political correctness during a particularly blazing podcast episode. That was just a taste of what he delivered this week. Ellis took on liberals who simply cannot process the fact that Hillary Clinton isn’t living in the White House. His withering comments hit some rather sacred cows, especially Oscar winner Meryl Streep.

Meryl Streep goes after Donald Trump at Golden Globes 2017

Remember Streep’s Golden Globes rant? What was lost in that kerfuffle was found by Ellis.

“Instead of talking about all the filmmakers she had worked with and who had passed away in the last two years — Michael Cimino, Mike Nichols, Nora Ephron, or especially what it was like playing Carrie Fisher in ‘Postcards From the Edge,’ since Fisher had died just two weeks earlier, Streep used this moment to go on an anti-Trump rant for 10 minutes on national TV, instead of eulogizing her friend — again, reinstating the moral superiority of the left and ignoring aesthetics in place of ideology.”


Ellis also turned his rhetorical guns on two other famous Hollywood liberals.

“Barbra Streisand says she’s gaining weight because of Trump. Lena Dunham says she’s losing weight because of Trump. Really? You’re blaming the president for your own problems and neuroses?”

It’s the kind of comments late night comics might tweak. Instead, it took someone in the New Media trenches to state the obvious.

Dubious Dinner Conversations

Ellis also quoted some of his recent dinner companions regarding Trump’s improbable Election Day victory. While he took pains to say the comments didn’t represent every liberal, the reactions evoke the very worst progressive stereotypes.

For example, consider this take from a liberal companion on why Hillary Clinton should be considered our president.

“The electoral college is bullsh**. Los Angeles and New York should decide who the f***ing president is … I’m a proud liberal coastal elitist, and we should decide who is the president. We do know better.”

And then there’s The Resistance (complete with the accompanying hashtag).

“Liberalism used to be about freedom but now is about a kind of warped moral authority that is actually part of the moral superiority movement. This faction of the left is touchingly now known as ‘The Resistance.’ Oh yes, the resistance. What is this resistance? There are posters all over my neighborhood in West Hollywood urging me to resist, resist, resist…

“Some of us have been wondering, resist what exactly? And who is telling us to resist whatever? The people who voted for the candidate who lost? I’m supposed to listen to them? Is this a joke?”

Blame the Media. Really

Later, Ellis honed in on the mainstream media. Collectively, reporters were baffled by Candidate Trump. Their response, though, proved unhealthy.

“I couldn’t believe I lived in a country where the press had become this biased or corporate. They lost all neutrality and perspective … the way the press handled the coverage of this election was an absolute moral disaster for this country.”

Ellis wraps the rant on some chilling notes.

“The idea that the left would censor anyone, punish anyone is something that still causes my mind to reel even though it’s the alarming norm in the name of identity politics, political correctness and freedom of speech.”

Violent Safe Spaces

Take the imbroglio over a conservative speaker’s appearance at Middlebury College in Vermont earlier this month. Charles Murray never got the chance to finish his presentation. A professor got sent to the hospital after protesters attacked her during the melee.

“There was an alarmed reaction among members of the left, Democrats and the media … hmmm, this maybe isn’t the best way to go. Where is this going to lead?”

At least some liberals fear the answer to that question. CNN’s Van Jones caught flak for daring to applaud a single President Trump speech.

Van Jones's Surprising Response To Trump Speech

The progressive commentator later cautioned students against fleeing to safe spaces.

“I don’t want to you be safe ideologically. I don’t want you to be safe emotionally. I want you to be strong,” Ellis says, quoting Jones. “Put on some boots and learn how to deal with adversity. You are creating a kind of liberalism that the minute it crosses the street into the real world is not just useless but obnoxious and dangerous.”

So is there any hope for a deeply divided nation? Ellis supplies one possible solution.

“I propose it’s time to get up, pull on your big boy pants and have a stiff drink at the bar. Becuse in the end we share only one country.”

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  1. I’ve never read anything Bret Easton Ellis has written, but maybe I’ll wander over and check out his blog.

    1. He sounds like a liberal, but a fairly honest one, who is not afraid to criticise the gross excesses of the nutty far left, which makes him worth hearing, even if I disagree with his liberal views.

  2. never heard of the guy and so what. if he is a hollywood type with some balls, good for him
    I still say F hollywood and ALL of its products and people who participate

  3. The person needs to smear Trump in the process of making his point. The very act of qualifying his assertions acknowledges the Left’s moral authority thus undermining his basic premise. This man needs to look in the mirror. This man and his ideology has created and enabled this authoritative climate of fear. Classic case of blaming the victim.

    1. He is a liberal, but on honest one, who does not tolerate any BS from the left. If more liberals were like him, they could be a reasonable opposition party. I am sure he had valid reasons to not like Trump, having you demand that nobody can ever criticise Trump for anything, even as they criticise the gross excesses of the leftists, is almost as blinkered and cultist as the worst of the dem SJW’s.

  4. Geez, if Bret’s boyfriend is such a snowflake he’s using it as an example, it’s a wonder they’re still together. Wonder if the dude ever listens to the podcasts….

  5. I remember when Hillary said that roughly a quarter of the country is populated by ‘irredeemables’. What is the normal approach the left has toward people they find…. inconvenient?

    Things won’t get better. The mask will continue to slip more and more until the bulk of this country will be staring at a monstrous evil that has convinced itself that a socialist paradise can only be achieved with the deaths of millions…. of ‘irredeemables’. It’s the same old story repeated so often in the 20th century.

    1. Considering that the ‘irredeemables’ are much more significant in number than the ones focused elsewhere, and have significantly more weapons than the ones whining about them, its far more likely to end bloody for both sides but with the ‘irredeemables’ victorious.

      That’s really what is driving the liberals crazy these days. Their entire strategy revolved around people cowering, running for cover and begging for mercy at being accused of being ‘racist’, ‘sexist’, ‘x-ist’, regardless of how ridiculous it was.

      Trump showed people that not only do you NOT have to apologize or answer those ridiculous charges, you confront them directly and they simply evaporate.

    2. John Kerry, according to the FBI who infiltrated the meeting in the 60s, attended a radical conclave at which they discussed how many Americans would have to be eliminated to achieve their lofty goals. They finally decided 25 million should do the trick. Kerry later denied attending that meeting.

      1. Yes, this is what I recall as well. Easy to get all the blood-thirsty leftists confused. Kerry is the one who gave the bomb to the Iranians with his pal Valerie Jarrett and her marionette Barak Obama.

    3. The Progs are truly moral monsters, whose ideological ancestors are Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro , and Hitler. They are totalitarians , thats it, who I am confident would put conservatives in concentration camps if they could. They are NOT the “loyal opposition.” No….they are subversive and dangerous and enemies of our liberty and country. Give them no quarter.

      1. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. I have said this a hundred times. Anyone who has any admiration at all for Fidel Castro or his murderous crony Che Guevera is a totalitarian and would murder their opponents. Virtually none of them believe in free speech because the old time liberals are gone, replaced by a neo-fascist party.

      2. Exactly !!!! And our GOP is so weak and full of pussies that they are useless against the enemy.

    4. She supposedly positions herself as the most brilliant person in the room, being a lawyer and all, then violates one of the most fundamental of principles that lawyers must live by….Don’t piss off the jury. I also agree that they ultimately want a country when juries will no longer be necessary.

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