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Black Eyed Peas Demonize Border Patrol Agents

Emotion over facts. Preaching love while casting law-abiding Americans as villains. Bias by omission on a grand scale.

It’s all there in the newest Black Eyed Peas video, “Big Love.”

The ambitious project is a nine-plus minute affair tackling two very tough topics: gun violence and illegal immigration. The video has no answers to either, unless you consider “love” a tactical response.

Seems a bit like the much-maligned “thoughts and prayers,” no?

Nor does it shed any new light on either issue. Instead, it’s designed to clumsily promote progressive talking points on both subjects (more gun control! open borders!) while ignoring cold truths that impact everyday Americans.

Take a look:

The Black Eyed Peas - BIG LOVE

The lyrics to the song offer more platitudes:

When I was a young boy
Used to hear the people say
Power to the people but we them people nowadays
We ain’t never giving up
Now we got our hands up
We can’t be, cause their hearts ain’t big enough
All we need is just us, hate got ya guessing
War is the answer but really, what’s the question?
Money got ’em stressin’
Fear got ’em flexin’
Phones got our zone down
Now we lose connection, please stand by
It takes you and I to keep the hope alive
‘Cause we’re living in a time where you’re fighting to survive
And all we need is love

Life is a blessing
Knowledge is a weapon
You should choose love instead of being reckless
Candle in the darkness, hope changes the heartless
Here’s love to guide you I’ll be there regardless
Situation global, we’re like in a rowboat
Swimming up the river, so I can deliver
Messages to masses, no matter your status
Nothing’s ever over, we believe in second chances
Many people dying, governments are lying
Stand for our rights and please no more violence
Talk with the kindness, together we’re united
When we are one
Nothing can divide us

The video’s first half is a dramatic depiction of a school shooting. It’s meant to spark action, to make viewers vote for politicians who’ll demand more gun control.

Is that the answer? Does it matter that so many shooting deaths occur in gun free zones? Or that cities with the very strict gun control measures often feature disproportionate amount of gun crimes?

What about all the ways the system collapsed in Parkland, Fla., earlier this year? That paved the way for a killer to shoot up Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, leaving 17 students dead.

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The video’s second half depicts U.S. Border Patrol agents aggressively arresting illegal immigrants, brandishing their weapons in the most threatening way possible against small children. Is this a fair way to portray the men and women whose job it is to protect the country’s borders?

Viewers can decide for themselves.

The answer, the Grammy winning group suggests, is love, love love. That has a Beatles-esque ring to it. Only the sermom comes at a curious time. Far too many progressives today are chock full of hate.

It’s hard to see the “love” through all that hate.

You can’t blame the Black Eyed Peas for that Whitman’s sampler of liberal hate. They, and their fellow progressive stars, are shockingly silent about it all the same. Isn’t it time to spread a little love to those with whom you disagree? Or, at the very least, use your public platforms to denounce that hate while simultaneousy spreading love?

There’s blatant omission within the new video, too.

The clip offers emotional scenes where illegal immigrant children are detained in ways no child ever should be. Yet the video ignores how the Obama administration also held illegal immigrant children in cages.

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