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Why Bill Maher Doesn’t Feel Guilty About Flying on Private Jets

HBO 'Real Time' host fears Climate Change ... but fears solo activism more

Hollywood’s eco-warriors often use private jets to get from Point A to Point B.

That hypocrisy, though, rarely gets called out by the entertainment press. It’s why stars soldier on, defying Climate Change experts who rail against private jets’ carbon footprint.

Bill Maher is self-aware enough to see the hypocrisy in play. He just can’t help himself.

The HBO talker shared his rationale for embracing private jet use with guest Dana Carvey on the latest “Club Random” podcast, debuting Dec. 4. Carvey, the “Saturday Night Live” legend behind Garth (“Wayne’s World”), The Church Lady and other characters, shared classic stories with Maher tied to their show business days.

Carvey’s memories of acting alongside Mickey Rooney are worth the listen alone.


The chummy comics mulled working together in the future, with Maher coaxing Carvey to join him on a tour stop in Hawaii.

“So let’s do it before you f***ing die, or I f***ing die,” Maher said, referencing the late Gilbert Gottfried as an example of a peer taken far too soon.

The podcaster sweetened the deal by vowing a fun-filled private jet experience.

“I’m sure I should feel guilty about it, but I don’t. I say this now, the only people who don’t like private [jets], are the ones who can’t [fly them],” Maher said. “Anybody who can would, except for Greta and a few other people. And we’re not really doing anything, I don’t see, as a group of humans to solve this problem. We keep talking about it, but we don’t really do anything.”

Maher suggested him swearing off private jets would have a microscopic impact on the climate, especially if he’s the only one making the sacrifice.

“I just don’t feel like me adding this is making a difference. And we either do this as a group. I’m just not gonna be the one schmuck, you know, not enjoying my life,” he said.

“All humans who’ve ever been on a private jet, understand it. All of us understand it,” Carvey said, cracking Maher up.

The “Club Random” host brought up Greta Thunberg, the teen activist blaming her parents’ generation for getting us into the current situation.

Maher tweaked that narrative.

“I also think she is not representative of her generation, who love to like blame us. ‘You wrecked the world!’ Yeah, like you’re it differently, like you’re not driving. Right, you’re just with Greta on a sailboat all the time. You’re using cars as much as we do, so shut the f*** up! You know what, we’re all decided that we’re just gonna drive over the Grand Canyon, and have a great time on our way. And as long as that’s what we’ve decided, I’m not going to be the schmuck driving a three-foot car!”


  1. He doesn’t feel guilty about anything.

    Least of which is being a significant media personality sharing the responsibility of getting us to the sad state in which we currently find ourselves.

    Ta hell with him and his re-imagined public image.

  2. Maher is the hypocritical schmuck, like all Hollywood snowflakes are. Rules for thee, but not for me.
    Oh, and screw Disney.

  3. It’s like the Amazon rainforest in the 1980s and saving the whales. They latch onto the cause du jour to deflect real or imagined criticism of their monetary excesses and when the heat is off them, or when that particular cause wears out its virtue signaling impact, they quietly move on. If they truly believed in the cause and truly had a passion for it, they’d stick with it. The only passion they have is themselves and their image.

  4. “Climate Change” ™️ is a hoax perpetrated by totalitarians to separate the rubes from their pennies.
    Bill Maher knows this so he plays the game so he can stay on TV and get invited to fly on private jets
    Hypocrisy has nothing to do with it

  5. Typical rich liberal hypocrite attitudes. Do as I say, not as I do. Fun isn’t for ‘poor ppl….

    Maher was a low level, not very well known or funny 1980’s commode-ian.

    Whicg liberal-loser asshole gave him the HBO show?

    1. Bingo! So in this he literally says and he’s doing it to signal ‘virtue’ for the cause…without making the sacrifices needed to affect change!

      Changing lifestyles to save the planet is for the little people…while the privileged get to continue pontificating as the elites!
      Truly ‘do what I say, not what I do’…

    2. Here we go, preach crap all night yawdda yawdda on cable TV and forget about leading by example, which people of integrity and substance do. Entertainers are not far removed from the kings servants in value. Please, you could drive a car for a year in exchange for one jaunt on a jet, you self righteous [bleep].

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