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Psst, Bill Maher: Check Out This Liberal Violence

Bill Maher is hopping mad.

The “Real Time with Bill Maher” host blasted the GOP (again) last week. Why? Conservative types are claiming liberals have become increasingly violent in the Age of Trump.

“According to the right-wing spin machine, the greatest threat to America now is that liberals are violent…

Sean Hannity, Jeanine Pirro, all the people on the right…who are saying things like, liberal hatred toward President Trump and Republicans have reached a fever pitch, and now it is becoming violent. Wait, I thought we were snowflakes? And now, any minute, Kathy Griffin might be coming in with a head, severed off. They are trying to put this over that we are the violent ones.”

Maher even broke down the GOP’s thinking on the subject with far-left activist Dan Savage. The host claimed Republicans secretly plot how to depict peace-loving progressives as committing liberal violence.

Tomorrow we are all going to say that the left is unhinged and violent, even though it’s crazy. And somebody must go, ‘wait, the left is not violent.’ ‘Yeah, but we’re gonna say that. We’re all gonna say that, and then it’s gonna come true to at least half the country.'”

Dan Savage Interview | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Cute. Pithy. And 100 percent wrong.

In fact, one has to worry about Maher’s mental state for him to say such things. Does he retreat to a bomb shelter between tapings where he can’t access media?

It’s the only explanation for him missing the liberal-led violence drenching the culture of late.

Want proof? Here’s just a very partial list highlighting liberal-inspired violence.

  • This HuffPo op-ed endorsed violent resistance against President Trump’s regime.
  • Conservative speaker Charles Murray faced a liberal mob when he attempted to speak at Middlebury College. Here’s part of his account of what took place: “I didn’t see it happen, but someone grabbed Allison’s hair just as someone else shoved her from another direction, damaging muscles, tendons, and fascia in her neck. I was stumbling because of the shoving. If it hadn’t been for Allison and Bill keeping hold of me and the security guards pulling people off me, I would have been pushed to the ground. That much is sure….The three of us got to the car, with the security guards keeping protesters away while we closed and locked the doors. Then we found that the evening wasn’t over. So many protesters surrounded the car, banging on the sides and the windows and rocking the car, climbing onto the hood, that Bill had to inch forward lest he run over them.”
  • Conservative speaker Heather Mac Donald’s April address got cut short by what was described as a “brute, totalitarian force” led by liberal students.
  • A woman claiming to be a liberal New York professor went on a tirade March 4, promoting violence against the Trump movement. The rant came during a violent protest against an appearance by conservative commentator Gavin McInnes. The Fox News contributor’s speech got shut down as a result.
  • Conservative speaker Milo Yiannopolous’s April appearance at US Berkeley sparked riots, vandalism, broken windows, fire and more.
  • An unhinged Bernie Sanders supporter, James Hodgkinson, took aim and fired at a group of Republicans playing baseball in Northern Virginia June 14. The shooting seriously wounded Rep. Steve Scalise, who once again is fighting for his life following an infection tied to his wounds.
  • Two anti-GOP protesters, including Mark Prichard, were arrested this week while visiting Rep. Jeff Flake’s Tucson office. Here’s part of The Daily Caller’s report: “You know how liberals are going to solve the Republican problem? They are going to get better aim,” 59-year-old Mark Prichard reportedly told Flake’s staffers. “That last guy tried, but he needed better aim. We will get better aim.”
  • Last August, a 62-year-old Trump supporter was beaten with a crowbar.
  • Wendi Wright, allegedly upset that Republican lawmaker David Kustoff wouldn’t meet with her to discuss health care legislation, attempted to run the GOP member off the road. She was charged with felony reckless endangerment.
  • “This is how we’re going to kill your wife.” That’s one of several “credible” threats received by GOP Rep. Tom Garrett received last month. The missives convinced him to seek significant police backup while at public events.
  • Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter canceled her April speech at UC Berkeley after it became clear the planned violence against her couldn’t be contained.
  • Rep. Martha McSally received death threats from a Tucson man who warned her days “were numbered.

And let’s not forget the violent rhetoric from some of today’s biggest liberal stars. In recent months Robert De Niro threatened to punch Trump in the nose, Kathy Griffin held a severed Trump head for all to see and Johnny Depp said it’s “about time” to assassinate President Trump.

The Flake threats happened after Maher taped his June 30 show. He has no excuse for missing the other, overt examples of liberal violence.

Photo Credit: Janet Van Ham.


  1. The GOP has brought this on themselves via tRump’s violent and bigoted hate speech. What’s their excuse?

  2. Dan Savage was an appropriate guest for that segment. After all, he is an expert on being hateful toward those who disagree with him.

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