‘Anarchy U’ Shows America’s Decline in Real Time

Calif. colleges rage against Israel, Jewish citizens and western values

It’s one thing to read headlines about the pro-Palestinian protests raging across campuses nationwide.

It’s another to watch a reporter attempt to share what’s happening on the ground. Cam Higby of Today Is America fame did just that, exploring the chaos engulfing three California campuses.

The result is “Anarchy U,” a sickening film that could be the most depressing watch this year. The Daily Caller documentary clocks in at just under 40 minutes, but you’ll wish it were shorter.

Seeing brainwashed students march for a dubious cause is a dispiriting, but necessary affair.

ANARCHY U | Official Trailer

Higby is unabashedly conservative and raw, exploring what it means to be a new media journalist. So he isn’t as polished as necessary, and his youth shows.

He’s also doing the work corporate media should be doing, risking his health in the process. 

Higby’s reportage reveals a movement brimming with hate, intolerance and values anathema to western culture. The protesters spew homophobic slurs, taunt police officers, castigate Jews and flout the law at every turn.

They hide behind COVID-era masks and refuse to let select media outlets share their story. And they get away with just about everything.

Two tiers of justice. It’s the new, unsettling normal.

Assembled in mere weeks after multiple May protests, “Anarchy U” plays out less like a formal documentary and more as an extended vlog entry.

That doesn’t diminish its power.

We watch as Higby learns how to innovate on the fly. He dons a keffiyeh at one point to trick protesters into admitting him into a “protected” space. He bargains with defiant protesters to ask just a question or two, often with poor results.

He’s pushed, insulted and physically manhandled for the crime of walking in public spaces.

His camera catches more than enough. This movement, whatever noble purpose it may have at the molecular level, is rotten to the core.

It’s hard to know what’s more depressing:

  • The robotic students who can’t answer simple questions about their movement?
  • The police ordered to stand by while chaos reigns supreme?
  • The universities who let their campuses be overrun without lifting a finger to protect their property, let alone their students?
  • Jewish students prevented from attending class due to their religious faith?

It’s stunning how far American culture has fallen in such a short time. The media collectively shrugs at the hate and intolerance allowed to fester at the university level.

So does the current Commander in Chief.


A 37-minute documentary made outside the Hollywood eco-system captures it all too well.

“Anarchy U” lets a well-spoken Israeli student sum up the insanity. He should be furious over the sorry state of affairs. He’s not. He’s mournful of what’s happening, and his wisdom suggests hope for a better academic tomorrow.

Every minute of “Anarchy U,” alas, begs to differ.

HiT or Miss: The Daily Caller uncorks another vital look at America in decline via “Anarchy U.”


  1. These commie protestors should leave America if they hate it so much, I’m sure they would love it in Cuba

  2. see how even these so called conservatives throw in pejoratives like ‘homophobic slurs’ in with all the other antisocial behavior? as if rejecting sexual insanity is somehow a bad thing. it’s like saying ‘naziphobic slurs’ – an oxymoron

  3. I’m over 60 and would never have guessed America would fall so quickly. The destruction has been not only supported by the democrat party, but actively helped and well-funded. What they get out of it, I don’t know. Maybe they thought they’d get unlimited power, but it seems to be running out of control and everyone is afraid to stop it.

    And our enemies are very, very happy.

    1. So true Reb. I am almost 80 and fondly remember my lif3e during the 50s and then came the 60s and the start of the fall from grace.

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