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Your 2015 Oscars: Predictable, Left Wing and Long

Every year the Academy Awards telecast is too long, too boring and too full of inappropriate political speeches.

Guess what viewers were treated to tonight? A show that lasted nearly four hours – four! – filled with progressive talking points.

Adding insult to audience injury? “American Sniper” got all but shut out, the one film with both critical love and audience adoration. Clint Eastwood’s film crossed the $400 million mark over the weekend, while the official Best Picture, “Birdman,” hauled in less than $80 million in both foreign and domestic ticket sales.

Let’s tally up the night’s liberal moments:

  • John Legend and Common raised the issue of the voting rights act and black incarceration rates while accepting the Oscar for Best Original Song, “Glory.”
  • Birdman” director Alejandro González Iñárritu squeezed in a late, awkward plea for amnesty.
  • Patricia Arquette calls for wage equality while accepting an award for playing a struggling mother who pulls herself up by her own bootstraps. Meryl Streep squealed so hard from her seat it instantly became an social media-friendly gif.
  • Sean Penn, one of the most politically divisive actors in modern screen history, got the honor of announcing the year’s Best Picture.

The evening did have a few highlights. Lady Gaga, realizing her shock shtick is as old as Madonna’s “Sex” book, proved she has some pipes during a musical tribute to “The Sound of Music.”

Host Neil Patrick Harris proved solid but didn’t have enough killer jokes to earn the gig anew. He did win the Oscar for The Most Laborious Joke Ever involving his Academy Award predictions.

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