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Here’s Why ‘2000 Mules’ Is Getting Aggressively Fact Checked

Dinesh D'Souza's provocative doc reveals even more media hypocrisy

A shocking new film suggests the 2020 presidential election was decided not by votes but via “mules” who changed the course of history.

And it’s getting a thorough fact checking as you read this.

Dinesh D’Souza’s “2000 Mules” illustrates how geotracking technology impacted several swing states during the Trump-Biden slugfest. The filmmaker teamed with True the Vote to lean on digital data revealing the path people, dubbed “mules,” made in the weeks leading up to Election Day.


Taken at face value, the information is startling. The surveillance camera footage is even more alarming.

The revelations are so explosive they cry out for a fact check. And the mainstream media has done just that, excoriating the film on multiple fronts.

And here’s where the problem begins.

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The mainstream media is no longer trustworthy on political matters. That erosion, which began in earnest during the Trump years, toppled credible journalism by the time Trump left the White House.

The way reporters treated the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, suggesting it was Fake News without an ounce of investigation or curiousity, ended our ability to trust corporate news.

It’s sad. It’s also true. Since then, it’s only gotten worse.

More recently, The Washington Post used its considerable powers to doxx a Twitter account that held the Left’s ugly antics up for all to see.

We’ve also seen mainstream fact checkers morph into President Joe Biden’s unofficial partners. When President Biden appeared to shake hands with thin air a few weeks back the media fact checkers rushed in to “explain” what we saw with our own eyes.

Yet when then-Vice President Biden kicked off his most recent presidential campaign with the Charlottesville Lie few fact checkers countered the egregious comments which Biden repeated throughout the campaign.

It isn’t just the mainstream media which is now corrupt. Big Tech is, too.

Facebook and Twitter clamped down on the Hunter Biden scandal mere weeks before Election Day to boost Papa Biden’s chances. Social media giants also pummeled information suggesting the recent pandemic came from China’s Wuhan Lab, a theory now taken seriously in most circles.

Now, Twitter is trying to tip the scales against “2000 Mules,” too.

D’Souza himself is fighting back agains the so-called fact checks.

Here’s the bigger problem.

How many media outlets fact checked Michael Moore’s recent films? What about projects like “The Comey Rule,” a Showtime miniseries that contradicts endless facts we now know about the Russian collusion hoax?

That Showtime series suggested President Donald Trump conspired with a foreign nation to steal the presidency. Shouldn’t such incendiary claims demand a furious round of fact checks?

Except they never arrived.

The Comey Rule (2020) Official Trailer | SHOWTIME Limited Series

It’s worth recalling that the media fact checked a few anti-President Barack Obama skits on “Saturday Night Live” but never does the same for sketches skewering the GOP.

Fact checks, which could serve a vital function in our democracy, are now as biased as too many headlines.

This critic can’t say for certain D’Souza’s “2000 Mules” has all the facts dead to rights. Projects like this demand more scrutiny – serious, sober and credible.

It’s a shame we’ll get nothing of the kind moving forward.


  1. Congrats to Distort for getting sued by on the people he defamed in his agitprop, and to True the Vote for being jailed.

  2. I saw the movie it is complete joke. I cannot believe people are buying into this.
    I wrote geo data capture routines for 2 major cell companies. And this is a stretch.

  3. We gotta make changes for all our sakes. “News” has to mean something. You should be held accountable if you report news. We ALL deserve, we have the RIGHT, all of us to accurate information. And Rob, I promise you, democrats want the facts checked and they get pissed when even mislead. I get annoyed when I hear someone reporting news “show their cards” by interjecting opinion. It’s ok for you and I to voice opinions to each other. The news is news , opinion is no part of it.

  4. Obviously, there is a problem. We have allowed people to scream falsehoods, half of us will try hold compulsive liars accountable for what they say. Too many of us, we read the caption under the picture and not the whole article. People actually believe Qanon like it’s news, a lot of people! It’s sad. Jewish space lasers? Government sponsored pedefiles? JFK RISING from the dead? Did you see the crowd gathered in Dallas? And guess what, I’m a gun owner (9 guns actually). I have never worried about liberals taking my guns. After Buffalo last night, do you think conservatives are intelligent enough to say enough is enough? I do. I’m an optimist.

  5. This article claims that there is no fact checking when media skewers the GOP. That’s because when the left does their own fact checks when they are scrutinized. If the right wants fact checks then the right needs to do those fact checks.

  6. The scene to observe, record, then issue indictments was established before the 2016 elections. During the 2016 vote tabulation hack, U.S. military police traced the vote hack for Hillary Clinton emanating from the CIA HQ. at Langley. After a brief demonstration of U.S. military power and resolve, the hack immediately ceased and Hillary Clinton did not win another state all night.

    1. Tell me. You still waiting for JFK to return to Texas?

      You do know Hillary won the popular vote right?

      You do know that Dunce Cap Don is a compulsive liar, right?

  7. This is great that the media, and their opinion checkers are on record about 2000 Mules. When the general public sees the movie and compares it with the fact checkers, it’s only a matter of time until the collapse of any shred of trust they are holding on to!

  8. Wow this article is so biased that it is laughable. “Don’t trust the fact checkers because you can’t trust the media!” Doesn’t matter what the fact checkers are saying is true, we should just assume it’s lies because it goes against the desired narrative.

    Are people really this dense?

    1. In this case the fact checkers are dead wrong. Geo tracking has been used for years by law enforcement and in court rooms.
      Why can’t it just be investigated by law enforcement and not fact checkers. Nobody should condone cheating.

    2. Are YOU really that dense? The NYT refutes the “fact checkers” on the accuracy of the cell data. The point being “fact checkers” are part of the media and as corrupt.

    3. Outrageous!! People in the know are saying that Don Jr is half Mexican!! I mean, sure he looks kinda hombre ish. Must be because Don Sr’s wife had an affair with a Mexican fella (pool boy) which is why Dunce Cap Don sr doesn’t like Mexicans.
      THAT explains a lot! No wonder he cuckolded Rafael “Ted” Cruz

    4. Tell me. You still waiting for JFK to return to Texas?

      You do know Hillary won the popular vote right?

      1. Wow. Talk about drinking the punch. Hillary is in deep s***. No one hates Mexicans. Any sovereign country cares about their borders. Also, people are coming from all counties. We want LEGAL immigration

  9. I completely agree something really fishy happened with ballot harvesting absentee votes and who knows what else .
    This was orchestrated by major media and other organizations.

    1. Let’s think about this.
      The overwhelming amount of mainstream media (we have freedom of press btw) has everything wrong and is unfair to poor little Dunce Cap Don.
      And FOX news is the only one reporting correctly.

      Or .. the majority of news is accurate, and Fox is wrong?

      Which is more likely? Honestly?

      1. You must be the designated progtard troll sent here by your (D)emmunist *masters* to roil this board with leftist disinformation.

        It’s not working.

      2. After what has come out on Hunter Biden, Hilary, Susman Russian Collision since the election is unlikely that anyone trust or need media!

      3. Hey none of these people weee president or holds office now. Why this obsession to get them. Trump was president and he definitely put our countries security at risk. Stupid

      4. Or … as Einstein said when informed that 100 NSDAP scientists had refuted his theory of relativity, “if they were right, they would only need one.”

        Do you have any points to make beyond the majority of news agreeing?

      5. Cnn adores feeble minded people like you. Just remember, every youre tv tells you is true, never question. If you only see positive/ negative news about the same people over and over…it might be bias and you might be a dumba$$.

  10. The scammed and crammed “ballots” are just the TIP of the iceberg! There’s NO WAY that 81 MILLION ballots are (LEGITIMATE BALLOTS) laying around with a check mark for Joe Biden! He did not have that support at any time and STILL doesn’t! THAT is why the media is so desperate to “debunk” this EVIDENCE!

    1. You guys are still drinking Dunce Cap Don’s kool-aid. Think about it, he’s what 0-46 in courts, many of which haves judges appointed by him. ZERO! No judge sees concern. The Arizona voter audit sham- multiple recounts, an all Republican audit- and nothing.

      1. Actually Pennsylvania courts ruled the procedure unconstitutional. But to your point now that you consider the courts so flawless, you won’t complain about Roe right ? Also, the Arizona audit DID find tens of thousands of ILLEGAL ballots. It wasn’t the count that was the issue, it was the number of illegal/cured/ trafficked ballots, as you could see with your own eyes in 2000 mules.


      3. this is a great example of media misinformation.,

        Most Trump cases were never heard in courts, the courts claimed lack of standing.
        And since this fake news canard started…. the Pa courts wrote a thorough 58 page ruling on how the Sect of State broke the law and allowed illegal mail in ballots.
        A Wisc. court ruled the Mayor of Milwaukee broke the law and allowed illegal mail in ballots. Another Wisc. court ruled the Democrat controlled Wisconsin Election Commission broke the law and allowed illegal mail in ballots.
        The Arizon Audit proved there were 50,000 Mail in Ballots that appear to have never been mailed to Anyone, making them illegal. And Maricopa county admitted just this week that 20,000 mail in ballots were illegally counted after election day.

        There is no longer any question regarding the wide spread illegality of the 2020 election, and 2000 Mules is just another nail in the coffin of the 20th century Democrat party…which is on its last legs.

      4. The supreme court wouodnt even touch it with a 10 foot pole. It was a futile effort. They could have had a smoking gun, it didnt matter. They did so bad covering their tracks when they stole the election. Someday hopefully youll be smart enough to see the truth, prolly in denial till you die though..

    2. Amen!! I watched several of the swing state senate investigations into voter fraud, I came away believing there was. I recently watched 2000 Mules. Great video with a lot of information! Please should not comment on it until they watch it. Make up your own mind, don’t let the MSM control your mind.

      1. You seem very smart, Kris. Such an economy of words. I await your next syllable with great relish. Please elaborate!

    3. Well if this was legitimate and there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever to prove it, don’t you think this is an embarrassment to the Republican Party if it was. It means the Democrats are smarter. Lol

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