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Why Won’t Artists Embrace Digital Content?

Look around you. You will see people attached to their smartphones searching, always searching, for the next digital content buzz. Log onto the social media circuit and you will find links upon links to the next digital content hit.

Yet, when I attempted to do a blog post about current arts digital marketing, I was deeply disappointed. Aside from the beacon of light coming from the film industry, there is no arts marketing digital buzz right now that is big enough to warrant even the search for it.

20th Century Videos Just Won’t Cut It

Videos are scattered throughout YouTube with poorly tagged offerings. Most of the videos are not recent enough to mention today. Attempts to create the next arts marketing video seem few and far between, and we have yet to scratch the surface of using audio as a marketing ally.

In the world of arts, seeing and hearing is believing. Why then are we continuing to restrict ourselves to flat platforms of marketing when we now have affordable ways to catapult ourselves into the audio/video age?

It is time to reinvent ourselves and how we approach marketing. It is time to digitize! Many generations are turning to digital formats to receive their information, and we are going to be left behind if we don’t make the transition. Sadly, some of us have already gone by the wayside. The world is spinning and changing fast!

If you have already dabbled in this new audio/video age, pat yourself on the back, and continue to improve your techniques. If you haven’t started using digital content to market your arts business and your offerings, what are you waiting for?

People still want to connect to the arts, although they may approach this connection in an entirely new way, the digital way. Let’s all do ourselves a favor and make a resolution to create at least one audio/video promotional content item this year.  And, in order to do this, we may need to also resolve to get the education needed on how to use the new technology that surrounds us, including how to properly tag and channel.

If you really want to ring in this new year right and build arts audiences, either find the people that can help you, or get thee to a digital arts class pronto!

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Shoshana Fanizza has been in the arts all her life with an additional background in marketing, customer service and sales. Since being bit by the audience development bug in 2006, she has dedicated herself to helping artists and arts organizations, all over the world, build happy and loyal audiences. Contact her if you want to build a supportive base for your art at Audience Development Specialists or on Twitter @AudienceDevSpec.

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