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Will ‘Saturday Night Live’ (Finally) Roast President Biden?

Biased sketch show runs cover for Democrats, but this time may be different

Satirists love to hone in on a politician’s weak spot.

For President Bill Clinton, that meant an endless array of sexual addiction gags. President George W. Bush endured “dumb” joke after “dumb” joke.

Chevy Chase rose to fame on “Saturday Night Live” by playing up President two of Gerald Ford’s well-publicized stumbles, even though the 38th president was only 62 and a former athlete.

Introducing President Ford - SNL

President Joe Biden offers two obvious weak spots, one far more devastating than the other.

Biden is the oldest man to ever serve as president, and he makes that known with every old-timey reference and foot shuffle. It’s an easy way to poke fun at the commander in chief, and a toothless one at that.

We all have older loved ones in our lives, and their cultural miscues are innocent, nothing more.

The president also appears to be in physical and mental decline. Biden’s various missteps are so commonplace his team now makes him wear tennis shoes, not dress shoes. He also boards Air Force One courtesy of a shorter set of stairs.

Those measures may help, but his mental decline is getting impossible to hide.

Which brings us to “Saturday Night Live.” Again.

The venerable series will return in the coming weeks, its Fall debut delayed by the writers strike. The show once mocked both political parties with alacrity. Now? “SNL” expends 90-plus percent of its satirical fire power against conservative targets.

Maybe 95 percent.

  • President Donald Trump
  • Tucker Carlson
  • Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene
  • Sen. Ted Cruz

The show has mostly avoided mocking Biden for three years, and no sketch has laid a finger on Vice President Kamala Harris.

It’s not for lack of material.


The show will continue to avoid VP Harris at all costs. That’s set in stone. What might change is its approach to the Commander in Chief.

Democrats are increasingly worried that Biden is too frail and mentally compromised to keep the White House in 2024. Beltway icon David Ignatius hinted as much in a recent op-ed imploring Biden to step aside for the good of the country.

The Axios report on how Team Biden is protecting the president from Father Time is similarly noteworthy. The media has mostly avoided the topic, even though it routinely excoriated a younger, more mentally sharp President Donald Trump during his term in office.

Many conservative pundits think the Democrats are preparing to dump Biden and find a more suitable replacement, like California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

If that’s the case, “SNL” will get the signal that it’s time to mock President Biden … finally. After all, that’s what “SNL” should’ve been doing since his first days in office.

Satirists speak truth to power. They mock the mighty, bringing them down to size with every gag. It’s an American institution, and a healthy one at that.

The first new “SNL” episode of the season will torch Trump, of course. Expect a sketch built around Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert and her rude behavior during a production of “Beetlejuice.”

You might just see a sketch where Biden bumbles his way through an ordinary speech along the way. And it might be followed by similar sketches in the coming weeks.

If so, it’ll be the biggest sign Biden won’t be the Democratic nominee in 2024.


  1. Will they finally roast Biden? Yes. Thanks to the spooks and their press agent, David Ignatius, word has come down: now is the time to kick old Joe to the curb. It was OK for the string pullers and puppetmasters if Joe was mostly out of it because in his oblivion he was perfectly compliant and a great disguise for them, but that worked only as long as Joe was not undeniably incompetent and relentlessly incoherent. His dementia and venality have become impossible to hide, so it is time for Joe to have a fall, get a bad cold, maybe a little pneumonia that he will recover from (“He’s a fighter!”). During his recuperation, the public will get to see Kamala pound a few last nails into her political coffin, and any further mention of Hunter will be forbidden and declared in bad taste. After Joe is back on his feet, he will announce that his illness has brought him to the realization that he must do what is best for the country and step back and let others complete his great work. A slavish press will invent and then praise his achievements and sacrifice, will compare him to Cincinnatus, will call him noble and a great American in the mold of George Washington. The stringpullers are already moving on to rig Newsome as the next marionette; and as the tributes to Joe pour forth in a torrent, one hundred million infuriated Americans will vomit themselves inside out.

  2. Make fun of Biden?? Why would they do that? With such an overwhelmingly successful and respected administration, there’s really nothing that could be parodied. Without scandals to point at, without offspring that are bizarre or noteworthy ~ how could the show poke fun at him? It’s obvious that the US public truly loves and admires Joseph Biden so much, with the sincere respect we all have for him as a leader, as a politician, and as the driving force behind our incredibly robust economy ~ it would be as shame to make fun of him!! Perish the thought!!

    (Was that sarcastic enough, or should I have gone further?)

    1. You’re trying to be sarcastic, but you’re spot on. No scandals at all, except for the made up conspiracy theories the MAGAs try really hard to pin on him. Economy is doing great. Unemployment is low. Still recovering from the $7 trillion in debt that Trumpy gave us, but we’ll get there.

      1. I really, truly hope you expand the news outlets you consume. You’re missing a lot … and you’re being lied to with abandon.

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