Why Funny or Die’s Gun Control Video Fires Blanks

So, two criminals, in between shoving guns in their mouths and otherwise demonstrating how irresponsible they can be with a firearm, make the case for stricter gun control rules in the new video.


The criminals say things like:

“Before now, it’s been tough for criminals like us to know which states have loose gun laws.”

Right. Because most criminals actually carry around an atlas and plan on which state to hit up next. Most modern home invaders are really more akin to ultra-violent hobos, riding the rails in states with “lax gun laws” in order to carry out their nefarious deeds.

“How would a criminal like me know which states let me carry a loaded gun in their amusement parks, golf courses or beaches?”

Why would a criminal care? I mean, once you’ve decided to use that gun in the commission of a felony, does the “gun-free zone” designation really stop you in your tracks?

“Arizona, where you can carry a loaded gun without a background check …”

Arizona, where violent crime rates have dropped to levels not seen in more than 40 years. The sketch refers to Arizona’s constitutional carry law, which states that law abiding Arizonans can carry a firearm without a license. It remains illegal for those prohibited by law from possessing a firearm or ammunition from carrying a gun, either openly or concealed.

“What state can I go to to fill up my trunk with guns to take home to my even more dangerous friends?” “Nevada! What happens in Vegas may have to stay in Vegas, but your guns don’t. Bring ‘em over to California and sell them!”

In 2013, according to the ATF, there were 699 firearms seized and traced in California that were originally sold at retail in Nevada. That same year the ATF traced more than 14,000 firearms seized in California that were originally sold in the same state. The same pattern holds true throughout the United States.

“California, Connecticut, Maryland and New York all have laws that keep guns out of the hands of people like us.”

California’s gun laws don’t keep guns away from criminals, clearly. In fact, California’s crime rate is almost identical to that of gun-loving Texas. But California’s gun control laws do prevent law abiding residents from legally being able to carry a gun for self-defense. Same with Maryland. Have Maryland’s gun control laws made Baltimore a safe place?

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New York’s recently seen bi-partisan legislation introduced to repeal large swaths of the SAFE Act, and only the most ardent anti-gunner would claim the magazine bans and restrictions on semi-automatic rifles have made the state any safer. In fact, the homicide rate in New York City’s actually increased since the SAFE Act was passed.

As a comedy sketch or a serious gun control argument, the Funny or Die bit fails. In fact, the most amusing aspect is the idea that criminals would seek to obey gun laws in the first place.

*   *   *

Cam Edwards is the host of NRA News’ ‘Cam & Co.’ on NRANews.com, Sportsman Channel and SiriusXM Patriot. He also hosts a weekly podcast for The Blaze Radio about living on a small farm in Virginia. Find him on twitter @camedwards and on Facebook at Facebook.com/camedwards2a


  1. Wow that was lame, the message was so compelling I threw all of my guns into the San Fran bay. Oh I live in VA can’t throw guns into bay, darn. Sorry Brady you hit the fail button again

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