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More Unforced Errors Plague ‘Exodus’ Marketing Push

The mega-budget films grew from Hollywood’s new appreciation for faith-based fare. Yet the rollout for each film showed the chasm that still exists between the film industry and spiritual movie goers.

That gap clearly hurt “Noah,” which did solid box office earlier this year but couldn’t duplicate the runaway success of “The Passion of the Christ” thanks to the former’s deviation from the source material.

The Ridley Scott-directed “Exodus,” starring Christian Bale as Moses, is running into similar issues.

First, Bale told the press that he saw Moses as being schizophrenic and barbaric. Now, we’re learning the voice of God in the film will be supplied by a child, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The film’s on-set adviser cautioned the filmmakers that decision could upset potential audiences. Apparently, the consultant’s wisdom fell on deaf ears.

Rabbi David Baron of the liberal Temple of the Arts in Beverly Hills, a consultant on the film, acknowledges that this depiction and others — from the parting of the Red Sea to the plagues — might create controversy.

Studios don’t blink while reshaping their films to make them more attractive to foreign markets. In the case of China, a booming film marketplace, filmmakers restructure key sequences and characters to appease Chinese censors and gain access to the country’s theaters.

That begs the question – couldn’t the minds behind “Exodus” swallow hard, cast an adult as the voice of God and avoid alienating Christian movie goers?

“Exodus: Gods & Kings” opens nationwide Dec. 12.

Exodus: Gods and Kings | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX


  1. I can see the film directors trying to avoid the issue of whether God was male or female, but if it’s even going to be vaguely close to the Old Testament then God should be “The Father” and there’s *no* question about that. Nor should there be debate other than the existing debate about the Judeo-Christian roots of Western religion, etc. Silly choice if it is a child’s voice….

  2. If Moses was a barbaric schizophrenic as Bale says, then he was the least barbaric, least schizophrenic leader of that period. Seems like Bale is singling him out when he was relatively enlightened for the standards of that time.

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