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Will Martin Scorsese Get Canceled (Again)?

'Kundun' director under fire for teaming with Fox Nation for 'The Saints'

Director Martin Scorsese is no stranger to Cancel Culture. 

The Oscar winner felt its sting years before the term appeared in pop culture circles.

His 1997 movie “Kundun,” detailing the life of the 14th Dalai Lama, angered the Chinese Communist Party. That impacted both its release schedule and secondary life outside of theaters.

Disney, seeking favor with China, apologized for the movie’s existence. The mega company also did all it could to wipe the film from memory.

Good luck finding the film now.

The Movie Disney Doesn't Want You to See

Scorsese’s latest project could face similar headwinds.

The directorial legend is teaming with Fox Nation for a docudrama series, “Martin Scorsese Presents: The Saints.”

The show, according to the right-leaning platform, “will encompass eight one-hour episodes exploring the remarkable stories of eight men and women who risked everything to embody humanity’s most noble and complex trait — faith.”

World of Reel noted the partnership is already raising eyebrows in Hollywood.

IndieWire admitted to having “conflicted” feelings about the project. Screen Slate went a step further and said there was even more reason to get “mad” since the docu series was being produced by “Hollywood Zionist” Matti Leshem. Filmmaker Ted Geoghegan called the news “disappointing.” Variety writer Joe Leydon frustratingly tweeted “Nope.”

The Indiewire headline says it all:

Jesus. Martin Scorsese Is Doing a Show on Fox Nation 

The far-Left Daily Beast dubbed the announcement, “holy crap.” The alert subtly attacks one of the film’s producers, noting Matti Leshem “recently set up an installation commemorating Israeli hostages in Gaza outside Vanity Fair’s Oscars afterparty.”

Will more outrage follow?

If so, the pressure will be intense for Scorsese to either pull the plug on the project (if possible) or perform a “hostage”-style apology for daring to align with Fox Nation.

Halle Berry and Scarlett Johansson can show him how it’s done.

Scorsese may be a film legend, but he’s still a working director who needs to navigate Hollywood. That means raising cash, making key networking moves and more. Angering that community makes all of the above a challenge.

He makes expensive movies, too, and a petty executive or three could hold this against him.

For now, Scorsese is working with Fox Nation’s PR team to explain the project.

“I’ve lived with the stories of the saints for most of my life, thinking about their words and actions, imagining the worlds they inhabited, the choices they faced, the examples they set. These are stories of eight very different men and women, each of them living through vastly different periods of history and struggling to follow the way of love revealed to them and to us by Jesus’ words in the gospels. I’m so excited that this project is underway, and that I’m working with so many trusted and talented collaborators.”

Scorsese’s Fox Nation Deal Feels Similar to …

This comes on the heels of NBC firing, and then swiftly firing Ronna McDaniel as a paid contributor. Existing NBC talent publicly revolted against the decision.

Why? The former RNC chair was pro-Trump, to a degree and played into the narrative that the 2020 election was stolen/rigged/fixed.

The reality? She’s a conservative. Period.

Most mainstream talking heads supported the Russian collusion hoax. They all are still gainfully employed, sans apology. Most media outlets happily hire/hired former DNC spokespeople without an ounce of internal blowback.

Intolerance rules in Hollywood and the mainstream media, both bodies controlled by Democrats. A living Hollywood legend may find that out sooner than later.

“The Saints” is set to debut in November and run through May 2025.


  1. Ironic how the ultra conformist lefti-wing media, the liberal champions of DEI, exclude McDaniel’s conservative voice.

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