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Ryan Long Humiliates Virtue-Signaling Stars (And Much More)

'I just wanna post one of the flags and be done with it,' Long's actor complains

Ryan Long works without a cultural net.

The YouTube creator and stand-up doesn’t call either political party home, nor does he care who he offends with his biting wit.

Long’s latest comedy video might be his hardest-hitting satire in months. “Saturday Night Live” won’t share anything as powerful this weekend.


The clip finds Long playing Jack Hardy, a Hollywood actor stuck with a professional crisis. How does he virtue signal about the latest barbarism from Hamas against the state of Israel?

Actor Not Sure if He's Supposed to Support Israel or Palestine

The weekend attacks evoked the cruelty of the Nazi regime, except this time both Hamas and its proponents gleefully shared the details across social media, including too many woke college students to count and BLM chapters.

A few actors, like Gal Gadot, Natalie Portman, Jamie Lee Curtis and Josh Gad, came out quickly to savage Hamas’ unparalleled evil. Yet the list of celebrities doing just that proved shockingly small compared to any given Trump news cycle.


And some, like Mark Ruffalo and George Takei, offered delayed, and muted commentary on what was one of the ugliest attacks of the 21st century. 

Or even the 20th.

What’s an actor like Long’s Jack Hardy to do?

“I honestly don’t know who to post. Usually, it’s easy. BLM? Bang! Ukraine? Bang! COVID? Bang,” Jack says. “People are probably texting each other right now, wondering where my statement is.”

The video brilliantly weaves in the outrageous reactions from the UN, Queers for Palestine and other bodies that either deflected from the atrocities or embraced them outright.

Jack shares how he normally handles these situations. The Republicans embrace one side? He scrambles for the other. Or, he simply follows what “brown people” are doing on any given occasion.

The video, which gained more than 100K views in just a few hours, offers a rich critique of several subcultures in under three minutes. It needs to be watched several times to get the full effect.

One line captures the modern narcissist better than any film or novel might.

“I sorta feel like, if anything, I’m the victim here,” Jack says.

If Long has performed a funnier line in public, we’d like to hear it.

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