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Russell Brand: I Won’t Stop Targeting Corrupt Media, Big Pharma

Subdued comic asks fans to follow him on Rumble moving forward

The snap, crackle and pop of your average Russell Brand video was nowhere to be seen today.

The British comedian aired his first new video since a media investigation revealed four women have charged him with sexual assault. Brand looked the same on screen, but his bubbly presence and smiling visage were replaced by a stoic gaze.

No giddy shout-outs to his 6.6 million YouTube followers. No cheeky jokes betwixt the social commentary.

This is serious, his tone told viewers, following days of a relentless media campaign to paint him as a monster who preys on women.

We’ve witnessed a drip, drip drip of accusations against the 48-year-old comic, from resurfaced bits from his past seen through a new prism to allegations he exposed himself to a woman back in 2008.

Brand, who normally releases several video commentaries a week, has been silent since a video six days ago warning fans that a media investigation into his past was under way.


The comic’s first official message since then was short and to the point. He’s glad his followers are questioning the veracity of the media accounts of his past alleged behavior.

More importantly?

Come Monday, he’ll resume attacking the targets he’s been hitting so often over the past year.

  • Media corruption
  • Deep state lies
  • The military-industrial complex
  • Big Pharma

Brand didn’t declare his innocence in the three-plus minute video. He essentially did that in the previous clip.

Instead, he asked fans to follow him on Rumble moving forward. The freer speech platform hasn’t demonetized Brand like YouTube did earlier this week.

The comedian brought up the Trusted News Initiative, a British body designed to root out so-called disinformation.

“It’s a collaboration between Big Tech and legacy media organizations to target, control, choke and shut down independent media organizations … like this one,” Brand said.

More critical?

The UK government is pressuring Rumble to do just that, but the company is resisting that bullying campaign. British officials are similarly suggesting TikTok follow suit.

We don’t know if the allegations against Brand are true. The comedian’s hedonistic past and addiction issues are well known.

His followers understand the mainstream press and government bodies loathe his transformation from hard-Left socialist to a right-leaning populist.

They suspect the allegations flow from that, not actual wrongdoing.

We’ll hopefully learn the truth at some point. For now, Brand will keep on speaking truth to what he sees as the cultural power. Other groups, from Big Tech platforms to show business types, will continue to see him as guilty until proven innocent.


  1. Far left?? You do realise that the Conservative Party that has been in UK Govt for the last 14yrs is right wing?
    That the vast majority of UK media is right wing including the Times which investigated Brand?
    They are not left wing

  2. The far-left has really upped their game. They know the fastest, best way to cancel someone they don’t like. Even got the UK govt to go along. That was easy. Guess we’re lucky Rumble isn’t bending the knee. Expect this form of attack being used heavily this coming year. It’s an easy way to get Corporate Run Media & Big Tech to do all the heavy lifting. They always do as they’re told by the democrat communists.

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