Is Russell Brand the New Michael Moore?

The filmmaker hasn’t made a movie since 2009’s “Capitalism: A Love Story.” That’s a long five years for the left’s most conspicuous storyteller.

These days, Moore appears content to dole out advice to fellow filmmakers and field softball questions from the press like a cinematic elder statesman.

Enter Russell Brand.

The bawdy Brit isn’t making as many comedies as he once did. He’s spending his time smiting Fox News, attacking capitalism and calling for a revolution.

He’s also getting into the documentary business.

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Director Michael Winterbottom hired Brand to help explain the 2008 financial crisis and the scourge of income inequality for an upcoming feature.

Brand, who counts the murderous Che Guevara among his “heroes,” recently battled Fox News’ security squad after a gig on “The Sean Hannity Show” got canceled.

You Want To Get Arrested? Russell Brand The Trews (E169)

His “Trews” video series cements his socialist bona fides on a regular basis. Can a full-fledged documentary fronted by Brand be far behind?

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