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Rob Reiner Does 180 on President Biden: It’s Time to ‘Step Down’

Hollywood's loudest Trump critic has seen enough of addled Commander in Chief

No celebrity loathes President Donald Trump more than Rob Reiner.

The director of “The Princess Bride,” “This is Spinal Tap” and “Misery” rages against the real estate mogul early and very often. He even made a box office dud aimed at crippling Trump’s latest presidential run.

God & Country - Official Trailer - Oscilloscope Laboratories HD

He’s the poster child for Trump Derangement Syndrome, warning that a Trump sequel will be, all together now, the “end of democracy.”

Yet he’s seen enough of Trump’s opponent to say it’s time for a change.

Reiner, 77, shared a blunt post Sunday demanding President Joe Biden let someone else battle Trump for the White House.

Reiner watched President Biden’s performance at the June 27 debate along with most Americans. He reportedly screamed at the screen, unable to ignore the Commander in Chief’s obvious mental decline.

Still, the director initially held firm behind Biden.

Since then, he’s apparently had a change of heart. That might have come after Biden’s unsettling June 5  interview with ABC’s far-Left anchor George Stephanopoulos. The exchange didn’t reverse fears about the leader’s cognitive decline.

For many, it made them worse.

The debate’s fallout has left the Democrats splintered on the best past forward. Some say Biden is still the best bet to deny Trump a second time. Others insist it’s time for a Plan B, either Vice President Kamala Harris or a new name to be determined during the August DNC gala in Milwaukee.

Reiner’s announcement comes after a wave of Hollywood donors, including Abigail Disney, demanded Biden stand down. Their request has more weight than anything Reiner says, though. They control considerable purse strings, and the Democrats’ coffers will be lighter without their support.


  1. These fools have the money to live and work anywhere. However despite all their America bashing…they remain…which is a stain on our Republic.

  2. Stuck in the 70’s – one of those folks who found protesting as a life calling. Sick person in a sick echo chamber. Maybe he should move to Canada – much kinder and gentler – the harp seal limits have been reduced to what – less than 300,000 per year.

  3. Reiner is one of the nastiest human beings I know of, that is, of those who aren’t in prison. Funny how such a nasty person finds Trump offensive when he’s far worse. Also funny, or bizarre maybe, is how hysterical and over the top all of his concerns are. “End of democracy”? That’s absurd. He’s a non-entity to me when it comes to commentary on virtually anything.

  4. Why now? All of a sudden, you’re noticing his senility after 16 years? A little late…Prototypical America-hating Democrat!

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