A few years back actor Dennis Quaid came to Denver to promote his solid football drama "The Express." This critic prepped a few softball questions in advance.

Throwing the occasional Larry King pitch at a star is a way to make the interview process more cordial. Sometimes the best answers come from the most innocuous questions.

Turns out Quaid threw me a curveball. Years later I learned why.

I asked the “Innerspace” star about growing up with his brother, character actor Randy Quaid, and had his older brother’s entry into Hollywood benefited his own journey. Or something simple like that. I figured I’d get a sweet family anecdote out of it, perhaps a quote to help start or end the feature.

Instead, Dennis Quaid looked immediately uncomfortable and gave me a generic answer that I knew right away wouldn’t make the final story.

Years later I realized why the exchange went south. Brother Randy Quaid’s bizarre public incidents began to pile up. Suddenly, an actor who seemed to work constantly was making more headlines than movies, culminating in him fleeing the country with the law at his heels. Later, he alleged that the death of several high-profile stars, including Heath Ledger and David Carradine, was due to “Star Whackers” and not accidental deaths.


This week, Quaid and wife Evi posted a video short in which the actor blasts The New York Post, Rupert Murdoch, TMZ, Warner Bros and Village Roadshow’s Bruce Berman. It’s the latest sad chapter in the Oscar nominee’s life, but one that will likely light up social media for days to come.

CONTENT WARNING: The video ends with what appears to be simulated sex between Quaid and his wife.