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Joe Rogan: ‘There’s No Way You Could Make ‘South Park’ Today’

Podcast giant shares why Comedy Central show matters now more than ever

Trey Parker and Matt Stone think it’s only a matter of time before their signature creation gets canceled.

The Colorado duo debuted “South Park” in 1997, and the Comedy Central series has spent more than two decades mocking the most controversial issues in culture, including:

  • Scientology
  • Trans athletes
  • Woke 101
  • The Prophet Muhammad
  • Climate Change

The show is still going strong, and there’s been no threat to cancel the show despite its outrageous shtick.

Joe Rogan argues “South Park’s” survival is tied to the past, not the Cancel Culture present.

“They’re the only show that Comedy Central leaves alone … there’s no way you could make ‘South Park’ today if you were an unknown group of cartoonists. No chance. They would never let you. It’s too crazy,” Rogan said during a conversation with fitness influencer Derek from More Plates More Dates.

Joe Rogan: "South Park Goes Harder Today Than Ever Before"

“But it’s the only good show on the network, so they kind of have to let it go,” Rogan added. That’s a slight against “The Daily Show,” the network’s hard-Left late night show. It also recognizes Comedy Central’s precipitous fall from the pop culture radar.

The channel previously featured beloved shows like “Tosh.0,” “Key & Peele,” “Crank Yankers,” “Chappelle’s Show” and “Workaholics.” Now, “The Daily Show” draws low ratings and can’t find a permanent replacement for Trevor Noah, and no other original program has captured the zeitgeist.

Rogan wasn’t done talking “South Park.”

He praised the show for its recent slam against Disney’s woke makeover. 

“It’s a great show, and it’s been great forever,” Rogan said, adding the program’s crude animation gives its creators more room to be outrageous. “You can get away with wild s*** that you could never get away with [otherwise].”

Case in point? The “Stupid Spoiled Whore Play Set” episode features Paris Hilton in a “Whore-Off” against a gay male slave. The plot details are too crude to share here.

“They’re a national treasure … and they’re so important. They’re one of the few people out there … in this day and age when you can’t even make comedy movies anymore … You’re never gonna see a ‘Tropic Thunder’ today,” Rogan said, referring to the 2008 comedy featuring Robert Downey, Jr. in blackface to mock affected actors.

“‘South Park’ goes as hard, if not harder, than ever before,” Rogan said. “Without them, we wouldn’t have [edgy comedy], not on a television show.”


  1. I get sick of people saying something can’t be made today. If people had the balls and desire, anything can be made. The days of the gatekeepers are over, with the internet anyone can get their stuff out there. I think Lady Ballers is an example of what can be made and viewed if you want to make it. If you make it, they will come.

    1. I mostly agree, but look what it took to make Lady Ballers a reality. A conservative news site that embraced Hollywood-style marketing and had enough employees game enough to act in a movie most professionals wouldn’t go near. All to tell a story many Americans fully agree with …

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