HiT Radio: Why ‘Eye’ Should Scare Us All

Why? It shows all the hoops the western world must jump through to fight Islamic-inspired terrorism.

The new movie stars Helen Mirren as a British colonel trying to take out a pair of suicide bombers before they can take out a mass of innocent civilians. She has the technology to do so – a Hellfire missile and a drone ready to fire it at will.

Only it isn’t that simple.

Both the U.S. and British governments must sign off on the strike. That involves not just the legal issues regarding the rules of engagement. It also means considering how the terrorists will treat any civilian casualties from the strike.

I discussed the terrific, balanced film with radio hosts Mike Rosen and Michael Brown this week. The former chat broke down the movie as well as the disappointing Hank Williams biopic “I Saw the Light.”

On my weekly “Hollyweird” segment, Brown and I discussed not just “Eye in the Sky” but the faux outrage over Justin Bieber’s new dreadlocks. Yes, cultural appropriation is the latest weapon in the social justice warrior’s arsenal.

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