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Anti-Racism Short Casts Ben Shapiro Clone as White Supremacist

‘High Score’ follows a ‘burgeoning’ racist radicalized by Trump, far-Right sites

The L.A. Times once called conservative author Larry Elder the “black face of White Supremacy.”

The Washington Post recently suggested Indian-American Vivek Ramaswamy also holds White Supremacist views.

The press famously created the “very fine people” hoax to attack President Donald Trump, falsely suggesting Trump aligned with Neo-Nazis following a hate march in Charlottesville, Va. in 2017.

He did exactly the opposite. And when future President Joe Biden cited the lie as a reason for him running for the White House, few if any media platforms fact checked him.

The Left and the media, but we repeat ourselves, wield the White Supremacist Card with purpose if not accuracy.

So it’s hardly a shock to see an “anti-racism” short employ a Ben Shapiro doppelgänger as its hateful lead.

High Score | Official Trailer | Film Shortage

“High Score,” according to its press materials, “follows a burgeoning white supremacist who is drawn deeper into the abyss of online radicalization. As the protagonist succumbs to the allure of extremist ideologies and conspiracy theories during a political election, his personal life crumbles around him.”

The film’s main character is played by Ethan Itzkow, who co-wrote and co-directed the short and previously appeared on Netflix’s “You.” The short earned Itzkow a Best Actor honor at the Chelsea Film Festival. “High Score” recently debuted via the Film Shortage streaming site which chose it as its “Daily Pick.”

Itzkow’s character loves Trump, hates Jews and battles liberals on social media. The 16-minute film brims with far-Right cliches and finds the suffering lead ranting about illegal immigrants, the Great Replacement Theory and more.

He’s opposed to the country’s porous border, too.

The press materials don’t mention Shapiro’s name, but Itzkow bears an uncanny resemblance to Shapiro in the film. The film’s makeup team did little to distinguish the actor from the conservative pundit and author.

Consider the actor’s headshot. It bears no resemblance to his on-screen character or the real-life Shapiro, the co-founder of the conservative Daily Wire platform.


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Did the team behind “High Score” make its star look like Shapiro for publicity purposes? Most short films struggle to get mainstream attention. Evoking the conservative pundit, who is Jewish, could be a way to break through the media clutter.


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