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Funny or Die’s Laugh-Free Attack on Climate Skeptics

Just kidding.

The reliably left-of-center humor site’s new clips satirizes the 1985 video “We Are the World.” Nothing says cutting edge like taking on a 30 year-old concept.

The content, however, is certainly of the moment. It’s a broadside against climate skeptics.

The video is purportedly from Charles and David Koch, the conservative billionaires who pour their resources into right-of-center causes. Just think of George Soros, who does the same, and more, for liberal causes yet never gets name-checked by political comics. Ever.

The video, a tag team effort between Funny or Die and, features Beau Bridges playing both Kock brothers. They introduce a new music video for fellow “climate deniers” featuring a group of celebrities you may have to Google to recognize: Darren Criss, Emily Osment, January Jones, Estelle and Ed Weeks. In Funny or Die’s defense, the site typically lands more recognizable stars. Maybe a few felt guilty about their own carbon footprints and decided to sit this video out.

Here’s a sample lyric:

“Don’t fret, the Earth’s not getting warmer. These temperatures are normal, Rubio agrees. We’re fine, just a little toasty weather, to bring us all together, in sunny harmony.”

Climate Change Deniers' Anthem

photo credit: Toronto Zoo – Polar Bear Backfloat (3 of 4) 3D Stereogram via photopin (license)

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