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David Mamet: Trump Was Best President Since Lincoln

Outspoken playwright defends real estate mogul, says Trump will beat Biden

David Mamet gave up on Hollywood the moment he came out as a conservative.

Yes, Mamet’s bravura work speaks for itself, from film classics like “Glengarry Glen Ross” to plays (“Speed the Plow,” “American Buffalo”).

Once Mamet penned his infamous 2008 Village Voice piece entitled, “Why I Am No Longer a ‘Brain-Dead Liberal,” Hollywood and the Left viewed him differently.

His last major film credit? Writing and directing the 2013 HBO biopic “Phil Spector.” He’s attached to write “Assassination,” a Barry Levinson film tied to President John F. Kennedy’s death.

That means his recent comments at won’t do serious damage to his Hollywood career. Said damage was already baked in.

Still, Mamet’s adulation for President Donald Trump could sever any remaining bonds between the 76-year-old auteur and Tinsel Town.

Feisty as ever, Mamet runs through some serious material with both wit and applied wisdom. Example?

His take on so-called “hate speech”

“…who gets to say what counts as hate speech? That’s where the power is. […] The most terrible thing in the world was the idea that there were certain crimes which are hate crimes. The question is not what did the person do, but what do we think about their motives in regard to certain societal norms which we have today.”

David Mamet: Why Trump will win in 2024

It’s his comments about Trump, the GOP’s likely presidential candidate, which might cause even liberals willing to give Mamet the benefit of the doubt pause, if not indigestion.

Trump was the best president since Abraham Lincoln. […] He brought peace to the Middle East. He closed the border. He made us an energy exporter. He had the best rating among African Americans of any president ever…. And the country was at peace and prosperous in the world. All of a sudden, he gets kicked out. And the world is a mess. But because the liberals cannot defend their position, all they can do is indict Trump….

He’s got a big mouth, so do I. The question is, who do you like in a fair fight with your back to the wall? Who would you rather have: Joe Biden, who’s a senile old bag-man, or Donald Trump, who’s a scrapper and loves his country.

It’s one thing to skewer President Joe Biden and say what the press won’t – the 81-year-old suffers from cognitive decline. It’s something else to praise Trump and suggest the country was far better off when he lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW.

It gets worse, at least for his tenuous bond with the artistic realm. Will Trump win a second term in office come November? Mamet answers with speed and decisiveness – “Yes.”

The unHerd interviewer then asks what the world will look like after four more years of Trump.

“It’s gonna look much, much better, but it’s gonna have to get worse before it gets a little bit better because the Biden/Obama administration has put the world and the West in a terrible place, and it’s all about diversity and racism. It means white people are bad, capitalism is bad … police are bad, but the inner cities are falling apart. Who is that hurting? It’s hurting the black Americans.”


  1. This man is 100% spot on!! Never heard of him or his work before but I will look for it now! A Hollywood celeb that speaks in favor of Trump-He is a unicorn!! Love it!! Trump 2024!!

  2. From what I’ve witnessed the past few years, the left is unsalvageable and no point they’ll meet half way on anything. After going all in on giving children sex changes behind parent’s backs and pulling from an endless variety bag of victim cards in lieu of admitting faults – they’re permanently broken. The younger voting demographics have been barraged with destructive ideas since the age of 6, so they’re off the table. Former hippies apparently didnt learn a thing. Then we have DEI infecting all levels of business and financial institutions along side radical universities.

    Except for the thrill of Trump giving them the middle finger for a few years and some positive changes he’ll make which they’ll just reverse again later, is there a bright side Im missing?

    1. I live in Portland so everything you just listed is magnified. I have a very limited social life, because most people I interact with are unhinged. You could be talking about the most benign subject and someone will end the talk with a Trump comment. Quite fascinating really….bright side?…. Co2 is the gas of life.

    2. Your right. we need total and irreversible defeat of the left.. You can blame FDR for this disaster that been nonstop since his reign.

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