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Comic-Con 2015: Stan Lee Cannot Be Stopped

During the San Diego Comic-Con, the nonagenarian was outpacing people half his age and entertained all during a session which was less of a panel discussion and more of Lee holding court for his adoring fans.

The creator of classic Marvel characters ranging from the Hulk to the Fantastic Four to the Silver Surfer has more projects on his plate than he can remember. And they are more diverse than ever.

There’s Chakra the Invincible, Lee’s first Indian superhero. He has three animated films in development for Cartoon Network India. And he said a Bollywood movie could be in the offing. Lee also is collaborating with co-writer Stuart Moore (“He’s doing the heavy work, I take the credit. We have a wonderful arrangement!”) on a trilogy based on the Chinese zodiac called The Zodiac Legacy.

“If you haven’t bought it yet and read it, shame on you,” Lee joked.

He’s also writing his graphic novel memoir with the help of comic scribe Peter David. Appropriately enough, it’s called “Amazing Fantastic Incredible” and due in November. He wasn’t pleased with the way the title was announced to the crowd, so he repeated it in his trademark enthusiastic voice.

Always Ready with a Quip

He’s often asked what his superhero power of choice would be. His stock answer is good luck (“If you’re lucky, you can do anything and no one can hurt you.”), but he’s never made a lucky superhero because he couldn’t figure out a good costume. He’s solved that problem with next year’s British drama Stan Lee’s Lucky Man.

“I could have come up with much better title, but that’s what they wanted,” Lee said.

Lee explains the popularity of comics by comparing them to modern fairy tales.

“To me, they’re the closest thing to fairy tales for grownups,” he said. “You have very bad people. You have good people trying to fight them. I think people always love stories about very powerful villains being beaten by very powerful heroes.”

So what keep him going after more than 75 years in the comics business?

“It’s not supposed to end. This is what we do. I love to do things for an audience,” said Lee, who attempted to break the Internet this weekend by posing for a series of Marvel Comics selfies. “That’s what makes life fun.”

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