HiT Episode No. 70 – Chuck Dixon (Batman, The Punisher)

You never know where Chuck Dixon’s prose will show up next.

He’s spent decades penning some of the biggest titles in the comics universe. Think Batman, Punisher and more. Dixon also has a vigilante book series all his own, based on the hard-charging anti-hero Levon Cade. The five-book saga includes the newest installment, “Levon’s War: Levon Cade Book 5 (Volume 5),” available now on Kindle.

Dixon rocked the Beltway in 2015 with “Clinton Cash: A Graphic Novel,” the graphic novel adaptation of Peter Schweizer’s explosive book.

He does it all while sharing his unabashedly conservative views. That simple act, he says, has cost him a gig or two. Maybe much more.

HiT talked to Chuck about his legendary comics career, how he keeps his personal politics separate from his superhero tales and why his phone suddenly stopped ringing one day on the latest HiT ‘cast.

Listen to “HiT Episode 70 Chuck Dixon” on Spreaker.

Please follow Chuck on Twitter @Dixonverse and Facebook. Visit his web site for his latest projects and more. Love horror? Chuck has you covered with his genre titles like “Gomers” and “Blooded.”

Photo by JD Hancock on / CC BY

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