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Adam Carolla on CIA, FBI, DOJ and CDC: ‘I Do Not Trust Them Anymore’

Podcaster, Dr. Drew Pinsky claim groups shredded decades of trust, respect

Adam Carolla insists he hasn’t changed with the times.

The comedian and podcaster will cue up audio from his early broadcasting days that show his cultural message remains the same then … and now.

Stay in school. Work hard. Don’t accept excuses.

That manta is now deeply conservative, but Carolla eschews labels and says it’s just his common-sense approach to life.

He does admit to becoming conspiratorial in his older age, but he says reality forced it upon him.

The comedian no longer trusts the mainstream media after its string of lies and deception. The Centers for Disease Control misled the public so dramatically during the recent pandemic Carolla can’t take what they say at face value.

And the Durham Report showed just how comprised the FBI is following the Russian collusion hoax.

Carolla brought those groups up during “The Adam and Dr. Drew Show,” the podcast he co-hosts with former “Loveline” partner Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Dr. Pinsky noted that science is making a comeback in august medical journals, now that the suppression of dissenting opinions during the pandemic is waning.


“Along with the CDC and along with Fauci and company I will now add the CIA and the FBI to my list of people I do not want to listen to them anymore,” Carolla said. “I do not trust them anymore. I will add the DOJ to that … I now think everybody’s a liar.”

“I don’t think you’re alone,” Dr. Pinsky said.

“Nice job, fellas. Completely compromised yourself. No one listens. [Attorney General] Merrick Garland speaks? Oh, he’s lying. He’s talking about ‘white supremacy,'” Carolla added. “Oh, that guy’s lying.”

“Did you ever imagine growing up that way? The head of the FBI and the CIA and the Department of Justice and the CDC and all these folks speaking. and you’re like, ‘oh, they’re lying.’ it’s crazy,” Carolla said.

Dr. Pinsky noted that even the FBI’s stalwart defenders no longer side with them.

“I have friends who were in the FBI for many years, and they used to just defend the FBI like crazy from this kind of criticism. Now, they’re like, ‘they’re a new generation. They’re not worth listening to right now. Be careful.’ It’s really something to hear them change their tune,” Dr. Pinsky said.

Carolla moved on to another “conspiracy theory” – the 2020 presidential election wasn’t on the up-and-up.

“‘They’re tampering with elections’ and people will go, ‘that’s strong.’ Look, there’s two ways to tamper with an election. You can go physically hack into an electronic voting machine. That’s a mechanical way to do it … or then you can bury and suppress information that you possess, which is what they did, so that’s election tampering,” Carolla said.

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“Although the New York Times isn’t bothered by it,” the comedian added.

“No journalist seems to be particularly interested in it,” Dr. Pinsky said.

“They’re bothered by Trump talking about the [2020] election,” Carolla said. “They’re not bothered by the CIA and FBI tampering with the elections.”

“Well, they’re trying to save democracy … I like the way they save democracy by undermining democracy,” Dr. Pinsky said, laughing. 

“That’s how you save it,” Carolla added.

The two later discussed how Carolla rebelled against the mask mandates during the COVID-19 era, a position he looks back on with pride given how little masks actually helped stave off the virus.

Dr. Pinsky countered with the “six-feet rule,” an arbitrary decree that lorded over public life for years but had little science behind it.

“That was pulled out of thin air with no evidence, and there continues to be no evidence that it does anything … except hassle people,” Dr. Pinsky said.

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  1. One of my favorite Carrolla PragerU videos is about “the Beach”. You used to be able to go to the beach, now there are a million signs at the beach about what you’re not allowed to do at the beach. The world has become one big overreach and freakout. The lesson…don’t be the beach

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