Top 10 Science Fiction/Fantasy Fathers

Everyone knows Darth Vader is the worst dad in cinematic history.

He’s responsible for the loss of millions of lives and the destruction of an Empire. That doesn’t mean the realm of science fiction lacks positive patriarchs.

In fact, there are a number of great dads in the sci-fi/fantasy realm. So, to honor dads everywhere on Father’s Day, let’s celebrate the best of the best from the genre.

10: Leto Atradies (‘Dune’)

He’s the father to the future leaders of the universe — Paul and Alia Atradies, He’s calm headed, honest and full of integrity. He’s also kind of a dull wit when it comes to political machinations, but no dads are perfect.

9. James Potter (‘Harry Potter’)

The boy wizard’s pappy may have been a jerk during his time at Hogwarts Academy. He still turned out to be a stand-up guy.

8. George McFly (‘Back to the Future’)

The nebbishy father-to-be stares down Biff, becomes a celebrated sci-fi author and raises a kid (Marty) who keeps changing all of our futures. Not too shabby.

7. Cooper (‘Interstellar’)

Matthew McConaughey’s character travels to a distant galaxy and visits a black hole in order to save humankind and a dying earth. He’s also father to Murph, who figures out interstellar secrets and is the eventual savior of humankind.

6. Cobb (‘Inception’)

This intrepid father pulls off the greatest heist ever. Why? To be with his son and daughter.

5. Theo Faron (‘Children of Men’)

OK, he’s not technically a father, but his character does kick start the reboot of humanity by risking his life to save a pregnant woman and her unborn child.

4. Captain Kirk (‘Star Trek’)

You’d think with Kirk’s playing around there’d be tons of little Captains running around the universe (my best guess is somewhere between 10-15 offspring). The one son we know about, David Marcus, gave us Project Genesis – the weapon that kills Khan, brings life to a dead planet and inadvertently reboots Spock.

3. Captain Picard (‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’)

… as Kamin… he eventually agrees to give his longtime love, Eline, two children. He’s eventually a grandpa, and from what we can tell Kamin was a kind, patient, humorous father. Then again, who wouldn’t want Captain Jean-Luc Picard as their dad?

2. Man (‘The Road’)

This dad does everything he can to keep “the boy” alive. The duo eventually makes it to the coast, where the child is saved at the cost of the father’s life. That’s powerful stuff.

1. Jonathan Kent (Superman)

Papa Kent must have done something right to raise an alien who has absolute powers but is not absolutely corrupted. Superman is a good guy, and that’s in no small part to the humble, hard working Smallville resident.

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  1. Professor Morbius in Forbidden Planet-so devoted to his daughter, conjures up an Id Monster to protect her.

    Heywood Floyd in 2001: A Space Odyssey-calls up his daughter from the moon on her birthday, even though the most epoch-shaking discovery has just been made.

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