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Yet Another Political Celebrity Video. Really

Somebody was watching that Townhall smackdown of celebrity PSAs. And taking notes, apparently.

You know the one. Conservative stars like Mary Katharine Ham, S.E. Cupp, Guy Benson and Mollie Hemingway mocked stars for creating the same drab political PSAs over and again.

The blank background.

The repetitive phrasing.

The oh, so serious looks.

The “demands” for action.

It’s the kind of sketch late night TV should have done. Instead, the comics fired off their 3,599 Trump gag while conservatives did the work they refused.

In case you need a reminder:

Mocking Every Hollywood Political Lecture Ever

So Hollywood dusted itself off and tried again.

Here’s the results:

Emma Stone, Natalie Portman, and Amy Adams Perform "I Will Survive" | W Magazine

No politician is named in the video, but we all know the context. Can some of Hollywood’s biggest stars survive four years of a Trump administration? Or, if the industry keeps cranking out similar videos, eight?

A few takeaways.

  • Stop. Please stop: Your candidate lost the election. Move on. Heck, there’s a liberal group with that very name. Now heed its title. Please.
  • Hipster Headache: Who decided it was cool/hip/trendy to go before a camera with Robert Smith’s Cure hair, Greta Gerwig?
  • Psst, Smile: Dear Ms. Portman, try to have a little fun with this, huh?
  • Creme de la Creme: This isn’t a C-list parade. Many of the actors here are in the thick of the Oscar race. They won’t have to worry about offending voters. Most likely lean left anyway. The bigger fear? Consumers will spot their favorite star and think twice about supporting their next project.
  • A Final Thought: If President Donald Trump crashes the economy the folks in the video will be just fine. They’ll survive … because most are millionaires many times over.


  1. Saw this on HotAir and wondered about it. Allahpundit points out that W’s article accompanying the video makes it out to be anti-Trump, but considering the politicization of everything that the media is largely responsible for, I think Allah’s theory is probably right: these actors took a moment to have fun and been seen like this during awards season but W spinned it on their website to fit their agenda. And McConaughey and Adams in particular have always seemed publicly apolitical…especially Adams, who wants to be liked by everyone and has almost succeeded…I think she’s at 99%.

    1. Exactly. Thanks. Nice to see I’m not the only one, Rock–I was beginning to fear I was going insane. At Breitbart, and at the vid’s comment section, I’m essentially the only one pointing all this out…and yet, the swarm would apparently prefer the word of the media more than common sense and the FACTS. Ironic, isn’t it?

      1. Against my better judgment, I too checked out Breitbart but the entire discussion had devolved into an insult-fest that had nothing to do with the video. That’s why we can’t let everyone and every thing we like get politicized. I really do think this vid got so many A-listers because they were there to get profiled for a Hollywood issue(this is when those happen) or something and just did the vid as a lark. There’s what’s intended, and what is. W mag may have wanted to make a more likable anti-Trump vid, but instead got one that comes off like goofing on the stupidly serious and melodramatic vids(I’m actually surprised there isn’t one where folks look soulfully into the camera and sing this song with conviction). It also comes off like the appropriate reaction to a modern presidential election: relax, chill out folks, it’s all gonna be okay, it’s not the end of the world…”I will survive, ha ha ha”.

      2. Exactly. Even IF it’s a political vid…attacking them for picking themselves up and saying “Don’t worry, we’ll be fine”?! What kind of MONSTERS does that make us?!

      3. Watch the “Remix” by Glamour Magazine, which uses the footage the actors recorded that the original vid didn’t use. The black girl makes reference to the song’s ACTUAL meaning of a girl who “can get along WITHOUT you, b—h!”

      4. Okay? I’m talking about this video specifically, which was openly self-described as a political message, though some participants might not have known what exactly they were getting themselves into.

      5. Here’s the thing: A lot of Snowflakes-on-our-end saw this vid and went, “OH, my list of actors/actresses to NEVER see has just grown!”. That’s my big problem. That, and whatever W magazine was doing, whether being dishonest about their intentions with the actors/actresses, or spinning the video after-the-fact as political to gain “street cred”. I lean towards the latter, as lying would be grounds for a lawsuit.

      6. K, respectable, yet irrelevant response.

        The only point Im making is that the producers of this video were being overtly political in a climate that has already shown a distinct indifference to the opinions of The Zoolander Family.

      7. Once again, it is NOT “overly political”. It is innocuous as heck. W magazine MADE it political with that stupid description, giving it a new context that the video didn’t have *in and of itself*.

  2. Aw, geez. I’m usually with you, Chris, but to connect this video with TRUMP? Saying “we all know” what the context is? It’s clearly just them having fun, some in a self-deprecating sense. (Natalie being super-serious as she says, not sings, her line is part of the joke.) Saying this vid is anti-Trump is like those claims that Star Wars: Rouge One was anti-Trump. Namely, a BIG stretch.

      1. Did you watch the vid? Honestly, the only explanation I have for our side’s knee-jerk reaction here is defensiveness after Streep’s Golden Globes speech. Saying this vid’s anti-Trump is a BIT of a stretch.

  3. Unless I’m mistaken a few of the people aren’t even American citizens. So now we’re okay with foreigners sticking their noses in our elections?

      1. And that’s rather like the writers of Happy Days saying the show was supposed to be anti-Vietnam. Does ANYONE watching that show ever think about Vietnam? No…and I seriously doubt the actors did, either.

      2. Nope. People can confess to crimes they didn’t commit, for a variety of reasons. That doesn’t make it a “fact” that they’re guilty of anything more than perjury.

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