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Adam Carolla: Gov’t, Media to Run COVID Playbook for Climate Change

Podcaster draws eerie parallels behind lockdown mania, climate alarmism

Adam Carolla blew the whistle on pandemic hysteria from the jump.

The comedian and podcaster saw through the media misinformation, government overreach and fear-mongering. He pointed the finger at biased journalists and hypocritical politicians like California Gov. Gavin Newsom, whom he eviscerated in a now-classic interview from a decade ago.

He shared those views early and often via “The Adam and Dr. Drew Show,” co-hosted with his former “Loveline” partner Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Now, the pair are warning listeners about another cultural storm front approaching.

The conversation began with Carolla and Dr. Pinsky recalling the hysteria regarding Hurricane Hillary and why it thankfully did far less damage to California than anticipated earlier this month.

The hyperbole surrounding the storm was no accident, they argued.

“You have people hanging on to the levers of power. The way they get control is through fear. So COVID comes along and they go, ‘whatever is it you wanted to do, you can’t do that anymore,'” Carolla said.

The compliant media amplifies the messaging. And it’s about to happen again.

“Once they tie it to Climate Change, there are a bunch more rules, the gas stove and the barbecue’s out … they make it so by closing the schools. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy,” the comedian said before offering a perfect example.


The experts tell us, “The biggest problem we have in this country is white supremacy. There’s not enough white supremacy to fulfill that promise, so they go find it. The ATF squad raids some preacher in rural whatever who stood in front of an abortion clinic 20 feet from the door.

“Do you see what’s going on? You don’t think COVID was dangerous? Then why’d we close the beaches, why’d we close the schools?” Carolla said in the voice of a Very Important Person. “Now, they’re gonna steer it to Climate Change.”

“Yes, clearly. So any weather is an opportunity for this,” Dr. Pinsky said.

“Every fire, every rain, everything is an opportunity,” Carolla said.

“We’re not saying it has nothing to do with the climate. We’re saying the hysteria they’re creating,” Dr. Pinsky added. “These are opportunities for that.”

“The perfect storm is, agitate and frighten the citizens, especially the moms … then, people in power go, ‘now I get to act and I’m gonna start shutting stuff down.’ Anybody who brings up anything contrary, I will make sure they’re stamped out. We’ll go after them … anyone pushes back,” Carolla said, again echoing the voice of the expert class.

“Then, I will explain to them that they’re a danger. It could be COVID, it could be an attack on our way of life. Our democracy is hanging in the balance,” Carolla said. “All the people who are not gonna vote for Gavin Newsom are against democracy, so says the guy who closes down every restaurant and every beach and calls Ron DeSantis a dictator.”

“Here’s what they’re running on now,” Carolla said, and it isn’t a mystery who “they” are.

“Maybe we’re not great with the border. Maybe we’re not great with the taxes. Maybe we’re not great with the economy … we are talking about The Climate, we’re talking about your kids not being able to grow up … they’re gonna have to wear a space suit. We’re talking about a democracy that’s hanging in the balance.”

“Look at the shiny object over here,” Dr. Pinsky added about the insincere messaging.


The only remaining question for the pair? Why does the public follow along, sheep-like, while the government and media corrupt the culture?

“What part of this feels satisfying to you?” Carolla asked, noting the reactions he heard after interrupting the groupthink in the recent past. “‘You don’t care about brown and black kids, You want to re-open up the schools’ … guess who fell the furthest behind, idiots?” Carolla asked rhetorically.

Dr. Pinsky, often the voice of moderation on the podcast, trained his fire on the mainstream media for causing many of the problems in play.

“When are we gonna stop listening to the press about everything? It’s all false. It’s all amplified. It’s all distorted. It’s all unreliable,” Dr. Pinsky said.


  1. The perfect storm is, agitate and frighten the citizens, especially the moms

    That is your answer right there! None of this would be happening if 51%+ of the population were not Women!

    A woman will trade liberty for security every chance she gets, it’s in their nature, they’ve been doing this since the dawn of mankind! Women are weaker than men, they have children to protect, so they trade their liberty for security in things like marriage. They do the same with government! When the government says “it’s for the children” or “it’s for the safety of the community” or “to protect the less fortunate” that all sounds great to a woman, they don’t care about the fact that the government is trampling on their liberty, liberty and freedom is not paramount in their mind!

    1. I get your point, but, as a woman, I would like to object. Not all women are willing to give up their freedom for safety. I’m sure that the abundance of single mothers is a big factor. Insecure women will be much more willing to give up their freedom. If they had a strong man to support and protect them, I’m sure that number would be smaller. And just to be clear, I don’t mean just financially support so they can lol on the couch eating bon-bons and watching the View.

  2. A close friend, who is a mechanical engineer and ostensibly a SMART guy, told me a few years ago that Covid was likely the end of human civilization. I was like, “Shit, that’s scary, that sounds pretty dire (I didn’t believe it but didn’t want to argue). He was like, “Dude, you have no idea. I’ve read all about it. Covid will mutate and kill billions. We won’t recover from this. It’s over.” Well… in retrospect he was kinda half right– civilization (as we once knew it) does seem to be dying, but it’s all by our own dumb hands.

  3. Playing on people’s fears is nothing new and “never let a crisis go to waste.” Disappointingly, there are too many frightened individuals who believe the sky is falling.

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