"We make all of our decisions on all of our films, and certainly on Doctor Strange, for creative reasons and not political reasons. That’s just always been the case."

— Kevin Feige

Who, exactly,is Kevin Feige? He’s the man pulling the strings behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe, captain-america-civil-war-posteror MCU as it’s known across the web. The Marvel Studios President lords over Hollywood’s most successful franchise machine.

His “Captain America: Civil War” just hauled in $181 million in domestic ticket sales after minting more than $200 in its international opening weekend.

How does he do it? That’s a complicated question, but his studio’s ability to avoid partisanship certainly helps grease the commerce wheels.

He shared his philosophy with Deadline.com, addressing a number of issues including Hollywood diversity and how much Robert Downey, Jr. means to the MCU.

Spoiler alert: Plenty.

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