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Exclusive: New Trailer for Faith-Friendly ‘Because of Gracia’

Teen life is hard. It’s even tougher when your views don’t align with an increasingly secular culture.

The new teen drama “Because of Gracia” tackles that subject head on. Moriah Peters and Chris Massoglia (“The Hole”) star as teenagers trying to maintain their faith under challenging circumstances.

The story struck home for its star.

Peters generated headlines when she revealed what happened when she tried out for “American Idol” several years ago. The folks behind the scenes didn’t embrace her strong Christian faith. They said she needed to lose her spiritual side in order to compete in the reality show, according to her account of the exchanges.

“Go out, kiss a guy and come back,” one judge told the then-16-year-old Peters.

She refused.

Now, she’s the star of a new film slated for a September release. The following film trailer, exclusive to Hollywood in Toto, captures the film’s message.

Because of Gracia HiT exclusive

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