Will ‘Hating Obama’ Declare His Critics Racist?

Those years featured an all-out assault on President George W. Bush from all sides – media outlets, Hollywood and academia.

Perhaps the most illustrative example came with 2007’s “Death of the President,” a feature feted by a major film festival.

Frankly, that’s what the gig entails, particularly in a western society where dissent is welcome. Even President Bill Clinton endured a cottage industry of assaults on both his policies and character.

When Barack Obama took the oath of office in 2009, he became a target for similar criticism. Yet a meme among liberals rose up, saying the level of attacks and disrespectful tone was far worse than what Obama’s predecessors faced. And that such behavior came down to racial animosity.

The upcoming feature “Hating Obama” drills down on that theme. The movie’s trailer suggests a semblance of fair play, beginning with attacks against Obama from the left. He’s just another Bush, or so go the critics. We also hear a number of Obama supporters defending the leader.

Fair? Balanced?

The film will have its world premiere today in New York City, giving audiences their first chance to judge for themselves.


Here is the PR team behind the screening’s description of the film:

President Obama has been the recipient of some of the most ground breaking and
disrespectful hate filled moments in American Presidential history. While it is
clear and apparent that all Presidents have received some form of opposition and
low approval ratings throughout their terms in office, President Obama has
experienced many more instances that could be attributed to racism as America’s
first “black” President.

The purpose of this documentary is to shine a light on the most egregious and
hateful moments that we have seen President Obama and his family subjected to, while taking a look at his record of accomplishments and responses to some of the hatred. Ultimately leading us to open and continue a dialogue by asking the question: Is President Obama hated for his policies or because he’s black?

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