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Whitney Cummings: ‘The Left Wants to Silence People’

Comedienne's latest special focusing heavily on trans-related material

Whitney Cummings wants to be canceled. Badly.

The veteran comic says a comedian’s career explodes once the woke mob targets them for various sins, real or imagined. Think Dave Chappelle, Joe Rogan, Shane Gillis and Louis CK.

And she wants in. She might get her wish sooner than later.

The comedienne spoke with “The Last Laugh” podcast earlier this month about free speech, impending motherhood and her OnlyFansTV (OFTV) special, “Mouthy.”

She embraced OFTV, a brand renowned for its sexual content, to be free of the censors lurking at Netflix and other major channels.  The emerging platform lacks the lurid material found elsewhere on OnlyFans outlets.

Cummings’ channel features material not seen elsewhere, including the kind of celebrity roasts Comedy Central once regularly broadcast.

Cummings says her latest stand-up special spends nearly half its running time exploring the trans conversation in America. Comedians should tackle difficult questions, she says, without fear of professional blowback.

Yet the political party renowned for defending free speech in the 1960s now wants to clamp down on debate. That’s the modern-day Left, and the evidence is undeniable.

“When it comes to speech, the Left wants to silence people in a lot of ways,” Cummings said on the podcast episode. “So I think comedians do find themselves criticizing that part of the Left.

“In their minds they’re doing it to protect people and to make the world safer. But I don’t believe that’s how the world is made safer. I just want to make people laugh. But I do find that people that probably would consider themselves more conservative these days have a better sense of humor, for sure.”

Cummings recently featured Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on her “Good For You” podcast, a figure routinely censored for sharing contrarian views on politics and vaccines.

She went on to explore how comedians “self-censor” to avoid getting in trouble for challenging jokes.

They’re “scared,” she says, and that’s a bad place for a humorist to be.

“I take that stance that, if a comedian is scared, we’re in trouble. It’s our job to be fearless. It’s our job to push back and sometimes say the things that we do’t mean or say things that we know are wrong and offensive, just to make sure we’re not turning into a totalitarian country,” she said.

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  1. We’re already in a totalitarian state, just like nazism. We can’t say anything at work, which is quiet as a library, because everyone is afraid of saying a wrong word. We can’t talk in public for fear of violence. The socials are a cesspool of hate. Maniscalco was right :”what’s wrong with you people?”

    And they expect me to vote for a party of hate?

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