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Tucker Carlson Hearts Trump, RFK Jr., Slams Jan. 6 Coverage

Russell Brand interviews former Fox News superstar in first post-firing chat

Tucker Carlson chose a formerly drug-addled comedian to finally share his thoughts on his Fox News ouster.

Russell Brand and Tucker Carlson have plenty in common in 2023. They lash out against media narratives, slam entrenched power centers and realize speaking truth to power comes with a sizable cost.

Carlson joined the “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” star on “Stay Free with Russell Brand,” heard simultaneously on YouTube and Rumble for 15 minutes before switching exclusively to Rumble and

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“It’s not the first time I’ve been fired … when you say what you think there’s an expectation you can get fired,” Carlson said. “I didn’t expect to get fired that morning at all, so I was shocked but I wasn’t really shocked… I wasn’t mad.

“I don’t know why I was fired. I really don’t. I’m not angry about it. You can believe me or not. I wish Fox well,” he added, noting he doesn’t think Fox News leaked the videos of Carlson presumably behaving badly behind the scenes at the network.

His biggest beef over the sudden firing?

“The only thing that bothers me? I’m 54. When you get a little bit older … you can lose your drive … It’s a little bit too nice,” he said of his accidental, extended vacation filled with trout fishing and late breakfasts. “My only fear has been .. being a little bit too happy.”


Carlson also directly attacked those who consider him a racist, including The New York Times.

“My views about race begin with my religious faith … The certainty that God created people, distinct individuals with distinct souls … they have equal value in the eyes of God,” he said. “My politics flow from that belief.

“The idea that you would reduce people to your race … treat people better or worse for their skin color is repugnant to me,” he said. “You can’t punish or reward people based on their immutable characteristics. It’s inherently unfair and immoral … if that’s a racist position, I’ll just stand and take the punishment. I think it’s an argument against racism.”

He also expanded on his immigration perspectives. 

“I’m not against immigrants, that’s insane. The way the U.S. is doing immigration is designed to wreck the country … and add to racial division which I hate because It’s not solvable. Our leaders not only want racial conflict but are stoking it.”

His views on Jan. 6 will surely inflame debate.

Tucker: This video tells a different story of Jan 6

Carlson famously got access to unaired security tapes from that political riot. Now, he’s saying he doesn’t know the full story behind the awful day but one thing is clear.

Many people are lying about it, and that includes the vast majority of news reporters.

“One of my children was working in the building [during the Jan. 6 riot]. I was interested in it the moment it happened … I hate violence,” he said, adding he initially had little interest in pursuing a topic that his peers obsessed over.

One thing changed his mind.

“The lying about it was immediate. This was a racist, white supremacist insurrection … [there was] no indication race had anything to do with it at all.”

The Left “used it as a cudgel to make their political opponents shut up … they’re lying with maximum aggression,” he said. That reaction, “was a tip off to me.”

He eventually spoke with the chief of the Capitol Police, an interview he said was nixed by Fox News. That source told him the Capitol was “filled with federal agents” that day, another item the press and politicians ignored or discounted as a conspiracy theory.

“Core claims they made about January 6th were lies. If you catch someone telling a lie about one thing, what else are they lying about?” he asked. “They’re clearly lying, that’s provable. Why?”

He then brought up Jacob Chansley, better known as the QAnon Shaman whose signature gear and markings made him the face of the riot.

“They put the guy in prison for years,” he said, noting how security footage aired on his former Fox News show saw police escorting him around the Capitol in a very un-insurrection-like manner. “He wanders around … he says a prayer, thanks God for the Capitol Police and then he wanders out. You cannot call that guy an insurrectionist. That’s a lie … I play that and I’m the bad guy? F*** you.”

Carlson also weighed in on former President Donald Trump and presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

“I love Trump personally … I think we’re gonna see Trump’s emergence as the most significant thing in American politics in 100 years,” he told Brand.

It’s a far cry from what Carlson has texted about Trump in the past.

Carlson said that “we are very, very close to being able to ignore Trump most nights” and that “I truly can’t wait.”

Carlson said he had no doubt there was fraud in the 2020 election, but that Trump and his lawyers had so discredited their case — and media figures like himself — “that it’s infuriating. Absolutely enrages me….”

Addressing Trump’s four years as president, Carlson said, “We’re all pretending we’ve got a lot to show for it, because admitting what a disaster it’s been is too tough to digest. But come on. There really isn’t an upside to Trump.”

As for Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. the Democrat stirring up his party in ways that made him the media’s enemy.

“I love Bobby Kennedy …he’s a wonderful person and a man,” Carlson said. He noted the two had dinner in the recent past and Carlson asked him what it’s like to be savaged by both reporters and pundits alike.

And worse.

Big Pharma went after his family, Carlson alleged. “I said to him, ‘what’s that like?’ I thought I took a lot of s***,” he recalled. “He said, ‘I’ve got seven children, and they all love me. I don’t care.'”

“I agree with [Kennedy] on most things, the big things… I love his bravery,” he said. “The amount that man he’s suffered for what he thinks he’s true. He’s been ostracized in ways people can’t understand.”


  1. pr0b is DC is infested with partisan hack bureaucrats goose-stepping us towards a Brave New World. trumpy never had a chance against it that won’t change even if he wins 4prez in 2024.

  2. Tucker hates Trump. They released the emails and texts that prove it. He is a horrible, horrible person. And yes, he is racist. Shocking that he purports to be a Christian yet nothing about the way he acts is Christian.

    1. I realize that is a possibility because deception is the nature of this war we are in.

      Sometimes people change. I believed the media narrative about Trump before the 2016 election, but I have come to love the man when I realized who he really is.

      It is possible that Tucker has changed his views as well.

  3. I absolutely love that border wall that Trump built and made Mexico pay for! Oh wait, he only built 30 miles of wall on a 1,000-mile border. Never mind.
    But I do love the way he got the national debt under control! Oh wait, he ran up more debt in his 4 years than Obama did in his first 4 years. Never mind.
    But I do love the way he drained the swamp! Oh wait, he didn’t drain the swamp at all. In fact, it just got worse. Never mind.
    But you have to give him credit for the way he … oh, the hell with it.

    1. You believe all the media lies don’t you? Are you aware that BlackRock owns all the corporate media and you believe exactly what CEO Larry Fink is grooming you to believe?

      The existing “wall” at the border was broken down fencing that people could just walk over and all of that had to be REPLACED so rhe media is not reporting that as NEW wall but in reality it was. He built 452 miles of that sophisticated strong barrier wall and he would have completed the wall if he had the support of the globalist political establishment that does not support national sovereignty or citizenship. They obstructed him in every way they possibly could but he was determined to protect the American people. If you don’t have secure borders, you don’t have a country.

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