Follow Judd Apatow on Twitter and you'll find a star whose political views align neatly with his fellow celebrities.

His movies sometimes tell another, more conservative, tale.

Yes, the auteur behind “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” helped usher in the current wave of hard-R rated comedies. He also made an entire film about a mismatched couple who kept their “unwanted” child in “Knocked Up.”

In “Virgin,” Steve Carell’s character pines to be with a woman, but when he meets the grandmother of his dreams (Catherine Keener) they wait until their wedding night to consummate the relationship.

Apatow’s next directorial effort is “Trainwreck,” the summer 2015 comedy starring Amy Schumer. The film follows Schumer’s character as she hops from one bed to the next, without a clue about monogamy.

Sounds like the ’60s all over again, man. Right?


Yet the just-released trailer shows her meeting a decent single man (Bill Hader) who simply wants to court her the old-fashioned way. With dates. Real dates. And phone calls to set up said dates instead of OMG-flavored texts.

We’ll have to wait and see just how traditional this “Trainwreck” truly is. But if Apatow’s past work is an indication, all the sexual high jinks will give way to a monogamous fade out.

DID YOU KNOW: Judd Apatow once roomed with another struggling comic, Adam Sandler.