George Clooney tried. He really did.

The Oscar winner attempted to rally stars around Sony as the mega-studio suffered a series of cyber hack attacks. Only no one from Tinsel Town would join Clooney’s side. He’s getting far more help prepping his next directorial effort, “Hack Attack.” That project targets conservative bogey man Rupert Murdoch.

In other entertainment news this week:

…. Paramount prevents theaters from screening “Team America: World Police” in the wake of the hacking scandal. Also pulled from future viewings: John Wayne’s 1960 feature “North to Alaska.”

… Talk radio titan Rush Limbaugh blasts Hollywood for caving to hackers’ demands. Comedy’s sharpest minds prepare a counter-attack involving state of the art fat jokes.

…. Stephen Colbert signed off from “The Colbert Report for the last time. The event marked nine years of reporters failing to consistently acknowledge his political affiliation.

… A shouting match erupts on the set of “The View.” This just in … the sky remains blue.

… New HBO series to dramatize the height of the MTV video craze. Series will spend at least three episodes explaining what the heck that “Sledgehammer” video was supposed to mean.

… Inaugural People Magazine Awards hail Jennifer Aniston’s role in “Cakeas the year’s best performance by an actress, with the “Friends” star on hand to accept the honor. Hillary Clinton is a no-show for the magazine’s award for Best Way to Make People Stop Reading Our Magazine.

… The Rev. Al Sharpton┬áhas been granted the power to influence Sony’s future film slate in the wake of racially-tinged emails from studio executives. Among the new, no-go topics: movies on rape hoaxes, tax evasion storylines and jumpsuit-clad villains.