Justin Bieber has one. So does Miley Cyrus, One Direction and Katy Perry.

Yet we’re still waiting for a documentary focusing on one of music’s greatest talents … Elvis Costello.

Showtime will right that wrong April 10 with “Elvis Costello: Mystery Dance.” The new documentary promises an exhaustive account of the British troubadour, who segued from an angry young man to a musical chameleon without peer.

Not only does Costello contribute a series of interviews to the film, fans will get exclusive, unreleased demos of songs written by Costello and Paul McCartney. The pair famously collaborated on a number of tracks through the years including “Veronica,” Costello’s highest charting song.


“Elvis Costello: Mystery Dance” bows at 9 p.m. EST April 10 on Showtime.


Born: Declan Patrick McManus Aug. 25, 1954.

Debut: “My Aim Is True” (1977)

Famous Pairings: Back by The Attractions before teaming with a number of musicians including Paul McCartney, Burt Bacharach and Allen Toussaint.

Genre-Hopping: Costello’s 33 albums (so far) include a country disk (“Almost Blue”), a classical music foray (“The Juliet Letters”) and a jazz release (“North).