Seth Meyers Keeps Left’s ‘War on Women’ Meme Alive

Comedian Seth Meyers didn’t get the memo, apparently.

The star of “Late Night with Seth Meyers” emceed Wednesday’s Natural Resources Defense Council’s Night of Comedy, and he used the GOP’s election victories as fodder for his routine.

The Hollywood Reporter quotes some of Meyers’ act from the event, held in New York City, which featured Larry David, “Saturday Night Live” creator Lorne Michaels, Jimmy Buffet and Bryant Gumbel.

“Let’s be honest,” Meyers said early in his performance, “If you love the environment, not a great election result,” He was just warming up.

“We have politicians, politicians who won yesterday, politicians who when you ask them about climate change and present them with science, they say, ‘I’m not a scientist,'” Meyers continued in his opening monologue … “Based on the work they do, they’re barely congressmen. … They’re also not OB/GYNs but they have a lot to say about vaginas!”

The war on women attack failed miserably in Colorado, where incumbent U.S. Sen. Mark Udall was openly mocked as “Mark Uterus” for relying on the campaign tactic rather than touting his accomplishments.

Climate change also failed to move the electoral needle, with activist Tom Steyer sinking more than $65 million into an issue that mattered little to the bulk of Tuesday’s voters.

The earth’s current global warming pause is nearly two decades long.

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