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Roseanne Roasts John Goodman, Wanda Sykes

Comedy legend says she fired Sykes for her refusal to humanize Trump voters

Roseanne Barr remains canceled by Hollywood, but she’s not done defending herself.


Barr, 70, looked back at her infamous 2018 “cancellation” on the “Your Welcome” podcast, hosted by Michael Malice, this week. The wide-ranging interview found Barr blistering ABC for killing “America’s Mom,” her iconic character on the network’s “Roseanne” series after ABC fired her for an infamous toxic, Tweet.

That wasn’t all she said.

"YOUR WELCOME" with Michael Malice #261: Roseanne Barr

The trouble began for Barr when, after she successfully brought “Roseanne” back to ABC in 2018, she fired off a terrible Tweet aimed at former Obama White House advisor Valerie Jarrett, who is black.

The Tweet said Jarrett was a “cross between the Muslim Brotherhood & Planet of the Apes.” Barr, who suffers from mental health woes, swiftly apologized. She added that she didn’t realize the light-skinned Jarrett was black.

ABC didn’t accept her apology. The network fired her, killed off her beloved character and rebranded the sitcom as “The Conners.” That meant the actors who made millions off of the original show  and the 2018 reboot kept cashing checks while Barr’s signature show got yanked out from under her.

And she’s still furious about the betrayal.

She blasted “Roseanne” co-star John Goodman, in particular, for not having her back at the heart of the controversy.

Barr, who returned to stand-up comedy via Fox Nation earlier this year, said her longstanding ties with her “Roseanne” cast mates are no more.

“There’s no relationship at all now … it was sad,” she said before getting specific about her former bond with Goodman, known for iconic roles in films like “Raising Arizona.” “He held my head while I vomited over a toilet … I trusted him. It just doesn’t make any sense what happened. But it did happen, and I moved on.”

“Did they all throw you under the bus,” Malice asked of her “Roseanne” cast mates.

“Ya. They split my salary amongst them,” she alleged.

Didn’t her co-stars vouch for her good name, and the fact that she had no history of denigrating black people, Malice asked. After all, comedy icon Norm Macdonald once said Barr went out of her way to hire black writers during the show’s original run.

“John Goodman made a statement three months later,” she said. “When I watched them on the news it seemed like they were threatened to not say anything.”

I know for a fact she isn’t a racist,” the actor said after the smoke had settled and Barr was officially ex-communicated by Hollywood.

Later, Barr blasted far-Left comedienne Wanda Sykes, who worked as a writer on the rebooted “Roseanne.” Sykes claimed at the time of Barr’s cancellation that she had ugly intentions with the Tweet, which Barr continues to deny.

“‘I know what she meant. She meant black people look like monkeys.’ No, I didn’t, Wanda you b****. Why don’t you keep your f***ing mouth shut?” Barr cried. “Why don’t you ever ask me what I meant, huh? You knew me? Why don’t you ask me what I meant?”

Malice brought up the fact that Barr’s character on the sitcom reboot supported then-President Donald Trump, one reason the show’s ratings exploded.

“I was paying [Sykes] to write on there, and somebody in the writers’ room told me she said, ‘I’m just afraid this show is humanizing Trump voters,'” Barr claims.

That convinced Barr to fire Sykes from the show, she says. Her purpose in rebooting the show was to heal the country, not divide it.

“We can have a Hillary hater and Trump hater in the same [TV] family and still get along,” Barr says.


  1. Still playing the damn victim. Girl bye. Sick of your mentally ill ass. You were the problem on that show. No one on that show was tweeting ridiculous conspiracy theories. Abc should have fired her the first time she tweeted out lies. But they gave her 3 more chances.

  2. I just get really angry because I feel worthless and terrible about my life. Sometimes attacking other people is all that makes me feel good.

  3. I apologize everyone. I was drunk and taking OxyContin at the same time when I wrote those comments. Wanda Sykes is a wonderful person and I need to stop lashing out when I’m high.

  4. I recall Sara Gilbert immediately jumped onto social media to bash Roseanne, then some time later said something like Roseanne is like family and always will be. I remember thinking if that’s how Sarah treats family I feel sorry for her family. Really Sarah? Ya wouldn’t take a sec to first call and speak to your family member to ask hey what were you thinking before racing to blurt a backstabbing post on social media? Roseanne apologized for her thoughtless blurt many times but still no apology from you years later. Not cool. Goodman was slow to get there but at least he eventually spoke up for her.

  5. Old bigoted woman cuts ties with friends, calls an actual wonderful human being a bitch. So sad to see somebody’s last years of life spent being angry and bitter at a world they don’t understand.

    1. You’re the real bigot. Wanda Sykes isn’t wonderful, she is a horrible bitch! And so are you, you evil heartless abomination!

  6. Poor Roseanne! She just dosen’t get! Forget about ‘woke culture’, forget ‘ political correctness’ ( everyone else have) it’s about simple common decency! You went out of your way to hurt someone who did nothing to you. That’s why you have no career. Opinions are opinions . You can agree to disagree but leave peoples ethnicity alone. That”s just racist! What happen to you? You used to be COOL!

    1. Wrong, you’re the real racist. You have no common decency, you’re defending Wokeness. That’s makes you evil.

    2. There’s nothing wrong with what Barr said about Valerie Jarrett. It was a joke. Besides, if you look at a picture of Jarrett next to a picture of Helena Bonham-Carter’s character from the PLanet of the Apes reboot movie from the early 2000s, they look a LOT alike. Very similar jawline/bone structure. That’s what Barr was referring to. There’s nothing racist about it. As to “did nothing to her,” that’s debatable. It’s widely known that a lot of what Obama did while in office was done in part because of Valerie Jarrett’s advice to him. A lot of DC insiders claim she was basically his “co-president” in some ways. If Barr disagrees with Jarrett’s politics, it’s fine to criticize Jarrett, given Jarrett’s role in the Obama administration. Could she have phrased her criticism better? Sure. But what she said wasn’t so egregious that she should’ve been kicked off the very show she created.

    3. One big problem……. Valerie Jarrett IS NOT BLACK! He parents were Iranian and she is whiter than most Irish people!!!!!

    4. You’re an ass. Take one look at Valerie Jarrett – outwardly anyone could be forgiven for not realizing she was black. Once someone mentioned it, Barr apologized. It’s only the humorless woke culture that can’t forgive… the rest of us moved on immediately. And I still refuse to watch one SECOND of “The Conners” without Roseanne. Screw that show and everyone who works on it.

    5. Seriously??? No one I know knew the woman was black. And I’ve herd all sorts of horrible slurs about a lot of politicians. She’s a comedian. Canceling her show was wrong and hollyweird are the worst no loyalty whatsoever.

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